By default, Microsoft Word uses white as the default page color for all documents. If you want to use a custom color for your page, you can change page colors in Word. We’ll show you how.

In Word, you can use any color as the background color for your pages. You can even make Word print this background color (which it doesn’t by default) by setting an option in the application. We’ll show you how to do both.

Change the page color in your Microsoft Word document

Start by opening your document with Microsoft Word. In the Word window, at the top, click the “Design” tab.

Click on the tab

On the “Design” tab, in the “Page Background” section, select the “Page Color” option.


You will see several colors that you can use for your page. Hover over a color to see its preview on your page. Then click on a color to apply it to your page.

Suggestion: If you don’t see the color you want, click More Colors to see all the colors you can use in your document. You may need a hex code specific .

Select a new page color.

And that is. Play with various colors until you find the one that suits your document perfectly. You may also want adjust your page margins .

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Make Microsoft Word print the color of the page

By default, Word does not print the background color of your page. To do so, you will have to change a setting option in Word .

To do this, in the upper left corner of Word, click on “File”.

Click on the tab

In the sidebar on the left, select More > Options.

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A “Word Options” window will open. Here, on the left sidebar, click on “Display”.

Click on

In the right pane, under the “Print Options” section, enable the “Print background colors and images” option. Then click “OK” at the bottom.


From now on, Word will print your chosen page color when you print your document.

And that’s how you make your documents aesthetically pleasing by using various page colors!

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