How to cancel App Store subscriptions and get your money back?

In today’s market, most software developers make money not only and not so much by selling programs, but by paid long-term services. Sometimes such services are disguised as inexpensive or even free services, which, after a couple of installed applications, results in high costs for the user. To learn how to get rid of automatic subscriptions, today we’ll talk.

How do I cancel my paid App Store subscription while my trial is still active?

Most of the Apple accounts are tied to the owner’s bank card since the presence of a card is one of the requirements for registering an Apple ID. The only exceptions are accounts created when downloading free programs: in this case, the step with linking the card can be skipped, but later most of the users still indicate one or another payment method.

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Problems begin when you activate one or another “free” service – in our case, it’s a trial subscription (usually for 14 days). The main nuance is that when activating a trial (or buying a limited) subscription, the user agrees to the service’s automatic renewal, which is not always obvious from the product description.

If you have just activated a trial subscription but do not intend to renew it, you should cancel the service in the program interface or system settings. If the app has been removed, you can still unsubscribe through Settings. To do this, go to the iTunes and App Store section, then select your account and click on the “View Apple ID” button :

How to cancel a paid subscription in the App Store

Then go to the “Subscriptions” section :

How to cancel a subscription in the App Store app

Here you can change your plan or cancel auto-renewal for all purchased subscriptions, including Apple Music :

How to cancel a purchase from the App Store

Please note that the subscription will be canceled at the end of the trial or already paid period.

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How do I cancel my App Store app subscription after my trial period expires?

The situation is somewhat more complicated if the user decided to cancel the subscription at the last moment, when the purchase has already been registered. Still, the funds have not yet been debited. In this case, the user will not be able to download or update the application until the debt is paid off. Also, due to debt, Apple may completely restrict access to the App Store.

If you could cancel your App Store subscription’s auto-renewal, but there is a debt on your account, there are two possible solutions. The first one is to pay off the debt (unpaid programs can be viewed in the “purchase history” section). The second is to contact support. The last option should be considered in more detail.

How do I cancel my purchase of a subscription in the App Store and get my money back?

If money has been debited from your card without your knowledge, and you find that one of the applications has automatically subscribed, you should contact Apple representatives for help. It is important to note that the technicians are very enthusiastic about responding to requests from users of devices with an active warranty.

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Please note that the sooner you contact support, the more likely you will get help from Apple. Usually, users can expect a refund within a few days after the write-off. However, specialists’ decision is always individual and may depend on the financial history of your account.

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