In this article we will explain all the things you need to know, if you want call with a hidden number, whether you have a mobile Android or iPhone. Call through a Hidden number It is a method that offers you total privacy, this is because the people who receive your calls will not be able to see your phone number.

But what do you mean call with hidden number? Well, this means that no one will be able to know who you are, much less call you back, and much less will they be able to save your number in the contact list. Hiding your number is not a difficult task as many users believe, since all mobile phones offer this option in the same configuration.

How to call with hidden number on Android and iOS
How to call with hidden number on Android and iOS

We advise you to follow each of the steps that we will show you below, in addition to also offering you the codes that you can dial in a call you want to make.

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Are you ready to follow our recommendations? In this post you will learn everything you need to know about how to call with hidden number.

How to call with a hidden number from Android

It should be taken into account that depending on each device, the option of call with hidden number via Android. But yes, it should be noted that this option will always appear present in each of the operating systems, be it Android or iPhone.

Follow the steps below, so you can make calls on your Android device without major complications.

Step 1:

As a first step, we will go to the call keyboard of your device, being already in it we must press on the three points that are in the upper right part of your mobile.

Step 2:

After pressing said option, you will be able to see several options; in said menu how to call with hidden number, You just have to click on the “settings” option, to be able to enter said settings.

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Step 3:

Once inside, go to the option “complementary services”, in the case of mobiles Samsung it is this way.

It is worth mentioning that in the case of other devices, this option may vary and be called “more settings”.

Step 4:

After you are inside this option, you just have to click on the option to “show your caller ID”, you just have to hide your number and that’s it.

You will be able to call anyone and no one will have access to your number, in the event that you no longer wish to do so, you can reverse this option.

How to call with hidden number on iPhone

Regarding iOS the process call with hidden number It is much faster, follow the following steps that we will show you shortly:

Step 1:

The first thing you should do is go to “device settings”, and then click on the phone option, to proceed to enter the settings regarding the call function.

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Step 2:

After you are in the phone settings, you must click on the option “show caller ID”, which is the last option that will appear in the calls section.

Step 3:

In this section, you must deactivate the option to “show caller ID”, by clicking on the button until it is completely turned to the left.

Codes to call with hidden number

In addition to the settings that we show you above, there is a way to call with hidden number Through the use of codes, in this way you will not have to waste your time, and it will be much faster.

It should be noted that this code will change depending on the country, for example, in Spain it is # 31 #, followed by the number you want to call; for example something like # 31 # 111222333.

On the other hand, you can save this number in this way in your contact book, in this way you will always call that number in a hidden way.

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