How to block a program from accessing the Internet!

Fans of freebies, torrents, and other joys of life download hacked programs, unaware that most of them need to block access to the Internet. Otherwise, the license will “fly off,” and you will need to reinstall the program. For this task, we will use the LittleSnitch program. It represents a kind of firewall. After installing LittleSnitch, you will need to create rules for each program. As soon as the program wants to go online, a window will appear in which you can either allow the program to go online or not.

How to block the program from accessing the Internet

You can prohibit/allow the program to connect to a specific site, port. The rule is created permanently or only once before restarting. All rules can be managed from the Rules window.

How to block the program from accessing the Internet

Here you can view all the rules, change, delete, add new ones. The program will notify you about the rules for non-existent programs and conflicting rules. The so-called Network Monitor acts as an add-on. In it, you can see the number of connections for each program and the schedule for using the Internet channel.

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