One of the interesting functions that Apple implemented with the arrival of iOS 13 is related to optimization when managing email, that is, allowing you to block a particular person who is part of your contacts, something that will only take you a few moments .

In this article, we show you how to use this very useful feature and clean your inbox of unpleasant comments or content that is of no interest to you.

Use the lock feature in iOS 13

Blocking someone from bothering you with nasty emails has become simpler since the arrival of iOS 13 for iPhone.

First, open the Mail app, then look for the offending email. Click on it to open it and you will see in the upper left corner the name of the sender. Tap on it and the ‘From:’ field should appear with the sender’s name in blue.

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Press again and the contact card of the person will open.

You will find several options here, but near the top is ‘Block this contact’. Press to confirm your intention to ‘Block this contact’ one more time, and from now on, any email I send you will be trashed.

Decide what to do with emails from blocked users

Also, iOS 13 offers additional configurable controls through ‘Settings’ where you can specify how these types of emails that you receive from blocked users will be treated.

To find them, go to ‘Settings> Mail> Blocked sender options’, where you will find two options: Leave-in ‘Inbox’, or ‘Move to trash’. These changes will take effect for new emails you receive from now on, and not those already present.

Unblock a contact

In the event that you want to unblock someone from those previously marked as blocked, it will also be an easy task to restore them to normal. Go to ‘Settings> Mail> Blocked’ and click on the ‘Edit’ option in the upper right corner.

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This should show you the delete options to the left of each contact on the blocked list. Click on the red circle next to each person or contact to restore it and select ‘Unblock’. Immediately, it will return to its normal state.

You may be interested in knowing in depth how to configure Mail on iPhone and iPad, as well as the fact of being able to add or manage multiple accounts efficiently. See the article on how to set up Mail on iPhone and iPad.

With the arrival of iOS 14, there are other novelties that Apple makes possible, such as the fact of being able to choose the default email manager and browser, instead of having to use the one chosen by Apple.

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