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How to block calls on Android

One of the most annoying things about carrying a phone in your pocket everywhere is unwanted phone calls. Be it spam calls or someone you don’t want to talk to anymore, we’ll show you how to block them on Android.

All Android devices vary a bit, so the methods in this guide won’t work for everyone. We will demo with a Samsung Galaxy phone and a Google Pixel phone. If you don’t have one of these, you can try loosely following it.

Block calls on a Samsung Galaxy phone

Open the default phone app that came pre-installed on your Samsung phone. Make sure you are on the “Recent” tab and tap on the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner.

Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Please select

At the top, tap ‘Block numbers’.


Here, you can toggle a switch to “Block Unknown Calls” automatically. Also, you can manually add phone numbers to block or select between your “Recent” and “Contacts”.

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Block strangers with the lever.

When entering a number manually, touch the + button to add it.

Selecting “Recent” or “Contacts” will immediately add them to the list, which can also be viewed on this screen.

List of blocked numbers.

That’s all about it! You can simply tap the red minus icon to stop blocking a number.

Block calls on a Google Pixel phone

Google Pixel phones come pre-installed with the app » Phone by Google «. This app can be installed on some non-Pixel devices, but not all features work.

First, open the Phone application and navigate to the “Recent” tab. From here, tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top search bar.

Touch the menu on the Recent tab.

Select “Call History” from the drop-down menu.

Please select

Touch a call from the list and more options will expand. Just select “Block / Report Spam”.

Select a call and then press

A pop-up window will appear. You can choose to also report the number as spam by checking the box before confirming that you want to block the phone number by tapping the ‘Block’ button.

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That’s all about it! Blocked numbers can be found in the Phone application settings under “Blocked numbers”. From there, you can unlock them.

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