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How to avoid unwanted WhatsApp groups

The groups Unwanted WhatsApp Often They are part of our daily life, and on many occasions they turn out to be so annoying, if so, this new function is the one for you.

The popularity of the instant messaging application WhatsAppIn the last few years it has been incredible; This is due to its new and better functions to make it better.

Unwanted WhatsApp groups
Unwanted WhatsApp groups

To continue with this new chain of incredible new features, WhatsApp is launching a new way to prevent friends and strangers from adding you to groups without your prior consent.

Previously, anyone with your phone number could add you to the Unwanted WhatsApp groups, adding me to possible chats with possible spam or trying to offer you products of dubious reputation.

You can be totally calm with this new function that WhatsApp offers you, since no one will be able to include unwanted WhatsApp groups, without your prior permission.

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It should be noted that WhatsApp began as such to test this function in the month of April of this year, which is called “Group privacy”.

It is planned that for the next update we will already be able to have this functionality, in which you will be able to manage the privacy of the group through your settings.

Do you want to know more about this new tool that WhatsApp offers? Well, stop looking, since in this post we have grouped all the necessary information so that you are informed.

Unwanted WhatsApp Groups Follow these steps to activate it!

Below we will explain in detail the steps you must follow, to be able to enjoy the new option that WhatsApp offers, regarding the Unwanted WhatsApp groups.

Step 1:

As a first step, to activate this new function you must first go to WhatsApp settings, then to account, private and as the last part to groups

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Unwanted WhatsApp Groups
Steps to avoid being added

Step 2:

Next, you will be able to observe several options in your favor, in this way you can limit the options, which can be:

  • Everyone.
  • My contacts.
  • My contacts except.
Unwanted Groups
Set up groups

Regarding the first option about the unwanted WhatsApp groups, it means that anyone can add you to groups without permission; While the second limits this option to people who are your contacts.

On the other hand, those people who are not in your contact list will have to be added to the groups by means of a message that will reach you privately.

But yes, remember that you will only have a total of three days to accept this invitation before it expires completely.

What do you think about this new feature? Without a doubt the new option of Unwanted WhatsApp groups aims at the privacy of all its users.

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