How to avoid app tracking on your iPhone or iPad

The new version of iOS 14.5 has arrived with a whole series of interesting news for iPhone users, such as the new emojis and the possibility of unlocking the iPhone with a mask on.

However, there are other less visible but tremendously interesting news that you should not miss, such as the function of avoiding the tracking of apps so that they cannot access your personal data.

Usually, the applications installed on mobile devices have access to sensitive information related to your profile, so they collect it and share it with third parties so that the ads you receive are directed and aligned to your tastes.

After the update of iOS 14.5, Apple allows blocking this type of tracking carried out by applications from the moment they are installed. The new feature is on by default, so you don’t need to do anything.

However, you can always adjust it to your taste and preference.

  1. First of all, go to ‘Settings> Privacy> Tracking’.
  2. Allow the app to request tracking will be disabled (the slider will be green).
  3. Below you will see the apps that have already requested permission and it will indicate if it has been granted.
  4. You can touch the slider next to them to turn tracking on or off.
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With this setting, in any new app you install, you will need to request permission to track it on other apps or websites. As a result, if you download a new app, you will see a message asking you to choose whether you want to ‘Ask the app not to track’.

How to stop apps asking you to allow tracking

If you want, you can stop these notifications from apps that want to track you by simply changing the slider next to ‘Allow apps to request tracking grayed out’.

  1. Go to ‘Settings> Privacy> Tracking’.
  2. This time, turn the slider next to ‘Allow apps to request tracking from green to gray.
  3. Now, instead of seeing an alert that an app wants to track you and having to act on it, the app will be told that it doesn’t have permission to track you.

Should I let the apps track me?

The new default setting means that applications must “obtain user permission before crawling their data on third-party websites or applications to advertise or share your data with third-party companies,” according to Apple.

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If you allow your data to be collected and your activity tracked, this data will not necessarily be used solely by the app, but could also be shared with other parties and combined with other information about you or your device.

iOS 14.5 privacy tracking

Some companies, like Facebook, are not at all satisfied with the changes in iOS 14.5 because they say they will negatively affect the advertising industry. It can also make it difficult for some small businesses to target their products to a niche audience.

However, advertising worked before there was the ability to target it in this way. Back then, advertisers paid money to advertise in magazines or publications that were read by their target audience, for example.

Of course, you may prefer to see ads that are relevant to you rather than see many ads that are not of interest to you.

How many users allow apps to track or trace?

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of iOS 14.5 users don’t allow ad tracking. In fact, according to Flurry Analytics, only 4% of users in the United States allow tracking.

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Around 2.5 million users participated in the study. Global acceptance of ad tracking appears to be somewhat higher, with approval ratings of 11 percent.

Flurry Analytics provides developers with software that can be used to analyze user behavior in their applications.

According to the company, software It is installed in 1 billion applications on around two billion smartphones, so the data for iOS monitoring is representative.

Users generally decide not to disable tracking and then block individual applications when they are installed. Only four percent of US users have completely turned off the ‘Allow apps to request tracking’ control.

Take a look at all the news you should know about iOS 14.5.

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