Have you ever been clicking through your Microsoft Word document and ended up dragging the text to the wrong place? If so, disable drag and drop text to avoid it. We will show you how to do it in Word.

In Word, there is an option to disable drag and drop for your text. When you enable it, you cannot move the text by dragging and dropping. This helps you prevent the text from moving accidentally.

How to disable drag and drop text in Word

To enable that option, first, open Word on your Windows or Mac computer. Yes go the Word start screen , skip to the second step below. If you see the Word editing screen, in the upper left corner, click “File.”

Click on

In the Word sidebar on the left, click “Options.”

Suggestion: If you don’t see “Options”, click “More” to see it.

Please select

Word will open a “Word Options” window. Here, in the left sidebar, click on “Advanced”.

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Please select

In the right pane of the “Word Options” window, you will see an “Editing Options” section. In this section, uncheck the “Allow text to drag and drop” option.

Then, at the bottom of the “Word Options” window, click “OK.”

Deactivate the option

And that is. Word will no longer allow you to move text by dragging and dropping, avoiding accidental changes to your documents .

If you ever need the feature again, in the “Word Options” window, enable the “Allow text to drag and drop” option.

Did you know you can move images freely in your Word documents?

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