One of the unique features of Pixel phones is the Google Recorder app. It’s surprisingly powerful, not to mention cool. You can easily record your voice and make a video clip with subtitles from the audio recording. Is that how it works.

These captioned videos look professional and are perfect for sharing on social media. All you have to do is record your voice and Google does the rest. Below is an example of a video made with Google Recorder.

To make one of these nifty videos, open the Recorder app on your Google Pixel phone. You will need a Pixel 3 or newer to take advantage of this feature.

open the recording app on your Google Pixel

If this is the first time you open the application, you will see information about what you can do. Touch “Get Started.”

recorder splash screen

The app will now ask if you want to back up your recordings to the cloud (which also allows you to share them with others ). This is not required for the video feature, but if you choose to participate, your recordings can be found at .

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Choose to backup your recordings or not

First, we will need to create an audio recording. Skip these steps if you already have one you want to use. Just tap the red button at the bottom of the screen to start recording.

start a recording by tapping the red button

Touch the pause button when done.

pause recording by tapping the pause button

You can choose to add your location to the recording, which will be used when you are searching through recordings. Select the “Add Location” or “No Thanks” button to continue.

add the location to the recording to help you find the file later

After that, you can add a title to the file and tap “Save” to finish.

add the title and tap

Now, we can create the video clip. First, select the recording you want to use for the video.

select a recording you want to convert to a video

Tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner and select “Share.”

Choose “Video Clip” from the Share menu.

Tap the option

There are three ways to customize the appearance of these video clips. First, decide if you want to have the transcript on the video or just show the waveform.

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transcript or waveform only

Then switch to the “Layout” tab at the bottom and choose the orientation of the video.

choose the design tab and choose a size

Finally, you can choose between a dark or light theme for the clip from the “Theme” tab.

Choose the

Once you’ve finished customizing your video, tap on “Create” in the upper right corner.

Tap the button

The video will be processed and when it’s ready, you can tap “Save” to download it to your Google Pixel or “Share” to share it directly via another app.

Save or share the video recording

That’s all about it. This is a pretty nifty feature for sending audio clips with a bit more information than a simple audio file.

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