How to add public DNS servers on Mac?

In the last article (fixing the iMessage error), I wrote that one possible solution to the problem would be to add public DNS servers. Read about what it is and why you need it in the article. First of all, it is worth reading for those who often have Internet breakdowns (sites do not open).

DNS stands for Domain Name System (system for obtaining domain names). In a nutshell – the DNS server is responsible because by the domain name, for example,, your computer receives an IP address and connects to it.

Why register public DNS servers?

The fact is that each provider has its DNS server, but it can turn off, break, or be with an outdated database. If the server is disabled, your sites will not be loaded, and if the databases are obsolete, new sites will not be loaded. On the other hand, Google’s DNS servers are constantly running and always up to date, so I recommend using them. Their addresses are and Now it remains to figure out where to register it.

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Let’s say you are using wi-fi. For Ethernet connections, the steps are precisely the same.

Click on the wi-fi icon. In the menu that opens, select “Open network settings.”

Choose your connection. I choose wi-fi, click the Advanced button.

Select the DNS tab, click the + next to “IPv4 and IPv6 addresses”.

We enter the same DNS servers of Google and are glad that we have protected ourselves from the provider’s DNS servers’ breakdown.

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