Yes OK It is important choose the fonts, the correct font For your presentation, you can add a fun touch by using various colors for your text. Here’s how to add multi-colored text to a slide in your PowerPoint presentation on a desktop.

Similar to how you can highlight text on a slide , it is also possible to apply a multicolored effect to the text and make it look more attractive. Unfortunately, these customization options are only available in the desktop version of PowerPoint.

Add multicolored text in PowerPoint

First, open PowerPoint and open a new presentation or one in which you want to add multi-colored text. Then select the slide where you want to add the colorful text.

Select the slide where you want to add the colorful text.

On the slide, select the text you want to customize and click on the “Format” tab.

Select the text you want to customize and click on the tab

On the ribbon, select “Text Fill” in the “WordArt Styles” section.

Please select

When the drop-down menu opens, select “Gradient” and choose “More Gradient” from the submenu.

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When the drop-down menu opens, select

That opens a new column titled “Format Form” on the right hand side, with the “Text Options” tab open as you want to change the color of the text. Note that the “Text fill” section shows “Solid fill” as the default option.

A column titled

Select “Gradient fill” to reveal options to customize the style and colors of the gradient.

Please select

Choose a preset gradient or create a custom size based on your taste.

Alternatively, you can customize your gradient. First, select the drop-down menu next to “Type” and choose from “Linear”, “Radial”, “Rectangular” or “Path”.

First, select the drop-down menu next to

In the “Gradient stops” option, select the first pencil-shaped stop button on the slider. Gradient stops are the points where one color begins to transition to the next.

In option

Note: You can also click the slider and add more stop buttons.

Then select the icon next to “Color” to open the color picker and choose the color you want. If you have selected the text on the slide, it will show you the preview of the changes.

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Similarly, select the rest of the stops and choose the appropriate colors for each gradient stop button.

You can try the slider » Transparency »And« Brightness »to see how it affects the color levels of the selected gradient stop button and text. You can see a live preview of that only if the message has a letter before and after. Otherwise, you will not see any changes to the text.

Move the sliders

That is all. Spend some time choosing the appropriate colors to animate the text, and you can check out some Tips for Making Better PowerPoint Presentations .

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