If you are a private reader, you do not want your children (or anyone else) to have free access to your books, or if you want to password protect your Kindle, it is very easy to do. That’s how.

How to set a Kindle PIN

On the home screen, tap the three little dots in the upper right corner.

tap the kindle menu button

Then tap “Settings” in the menu that appears.

tap the Kindle settings button

Then tap on “Device Options.”

Select kindle device options

From the options, choose “Device Passcode”.

Choose the device passcode option

Enter a 1-12 digit passcode, enter it again to confirm, and then press “OK”.

set a kindle passcode

Now when you unlock your Kindle, you will be asked to enter your password.

kindle passcode request

How to turn off or change a Kindle password

Go to Settings> Device Options> Device Passcode.

Kindle turns off and changes passcode options

To stop using a passcode, tap “Deactivate passcode”, enter your passcode and then tap “OK”.

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To change your password, tap “Change password”, enter your current password, tap “OK” and then enter and confirm a new password.

What do I do if I forget my Kindle password?

If you forget the passcode for your Kindle, you will have to reset it . This will not affect your Amazon account at all. However, you will need to log in again and download all of your books again.

Since you can’t access any of the settings, there is a special way to reset a locked Kindle:

  • On a 6th generation or later Kindle, enter “111222777” as the passcode and then tap “OK.”
  • On a fifth-generation Kindle, enter “resetmykindle” as the password, and then press the Enter key.

(If you’re not sure, here’s how find out which generation of Kindle you own ).

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