If you are looking for how to add the virtual RAM memory on your Xiaomi phone you are in the right place, then we will show you the procedure to do it, step by step. The virtual RAM memory is a function or feature that Xiaomi has added to its devices to improve their operation.

It is worth mentioning that adding virtual RAM memory to your phone is nothing new, if you are one of those users who uses an Android phone, you have probably already heard it, previously we had to use third-party applications, however, this function is already being introduced manufacturers on their Android phones, and Xiaomi It is one of them.

Activate virtual RAM on your Xiaomi phone
Activate virtual RAM on your Xiaomi phone

How to add virtual RAM memory to my Xiaomi phone

For add virtual RAM We just have to go to the settings of our Xiaomi smartphone, it is not activated by default, therefore, we just have to follow the steps below.

  • we headed towards Settings
  • then we go to Additional Settings
  • Finally, click on ram extension
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With this procedure we will be adding 3 GB of virtual RAM to our Xiaomi phone, which will be added to the real RAM memory that we have in the device.

Keep in mind that virtual memory is not as efficient as real RAM, since the latter is much faster and takes care of run all processes that we do on our device, unlike the first.

What is virtual RAM memory?

In short, it is a function that allows you to use the internal memory of the device (storage) to perform processes when it needs it, usually happens when the device executes processes that require the most of its resources.

The amount of virtual RAM that Xiaomi is adding to its devices is 3 GB so if you have 3 GB of real RAM, then your device will already have a total of 6 GB.

But your Xiaomi phone will only use it when it really needs it, otherwise it will only use RAM to carry out its processes.

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Have you already activated it on your Xiaomi phone?

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