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How to activate Android Always On Display Mode

The Always On Display mode that offer the Android devices It is really useful in terms of saving the battery, since you will not have to turn on the screen of your mobile.

What this function means is that the screen will always be on, and it is nothing more than all those elements that you can program yourself so that they continue to be seen while you turn the screen off.

Android Always On Display mode
Android Always On Display mode

Generally, the always-on display mode is only used to display the clock; which offers you the option of not turning on the screen every time you need to check the time, which means a huge energy saving.

Therefore, we are sure that the Always On Display mode, is a way to help save battery when viewing certain basic information.

Of course, it will depend on each type of manufacturer, keep in mind that you will also have the option of adding some other types of elements to the Always On Display mode.

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Whether you need the icons of some notifications, such as an email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or some other type of notification that according to you believe is of the utmost importance.

If you want to know more about the Always On Display mode, you must be totally sure that this article is the one for you.

Always On Display mode Learn how to activate it in just a few steps!

Regarding the process that you must follow in order to activate the Always On Display mode Android, it will depend on each of the manufacturers and therefore also on mobile devices.

It is worth mentioning that in what would be the basic Android of the Pixel and some other phones, this option is located in the lock screen session of the settings.

Then you just have to look for the option and therefore activate the option of the screen on, as for this option the name of it will vary depending on each manufacturer, therefore you will have to look for it.

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We advise you to use the Android settings search engine as fast as possible, which is found above all the options.

At this point you just have to look for something like Always On Display mode, or Always On, and then in the results you should see if there is any reference to something that is similar to the always-on screen mode.

There is no doubt that this new functionality is very cool, and offers us the option to save a large part of the battery of our Android device.

What are you waiting to find the Mear Always on Display Android and start using it?

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