The new features of Google Chrome keep coming, such as the new tool to perform Screenshots on Windows and other platforms. Now Google’s browser gets a new feature on Android called Adaptive Buttonbut it can be activated as long as you want it.

What is the Adaptive Button feature in Google Chrome?

It is a new function, which after being tested for a few months reaches the official version. It is a button that will be located at the top of our browser Chrome for Androidbut internally, it has the help of Google’s artificial intelligence to really show you the content that you like as a user.

The Adaptive Button feature also has the functions of enabling a new tab, sharing, or starting a voice search.

How can I activate Adaptive Button in Google Chrome for Android

The procedure is quite simple, first we have to update to the latest browser version and follow the steps below:

  • Once updated, then we open a new tab and the “+” symbol will appear in the search bar.
  • Then, we make a long press on the symbol and it will show us the enabled option, as it appears in the image above

But if upgrading your browser hasn’t enabled the new feature, then let’s make use of the chrome flags function:

  • Go into “chrome://flags«
  • Search “Adaptive Button«
  • Active (enabled) is the first function that appears.
  • Finally, we only have to restart the browser.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most interesting functions that Google has introduced in its Android browser, since it is 100% based on your use.

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