Windows 11 is slowly making its way into the compatible computersMany users are already looking for information about one of the sections that is part of Windows from the beginning, that component is the Control Panel. As you all know, Microsoft has redesigned its new operating system but from the same Control Panel we can continue to control the tools that allow us to make changes to the hardware and software settings of our computer.

If you have Windows 11 installed on your computer, you have different ways or methods to access the Control Panel, from where you can make the necessary changes to achieve optimal performance of your device.

How to access the Control Panel in Windows 11
How to access the Control Panel in Windows 11

Methods to access the Control Panel in Windows 11

For access the Control Panel in Windows 11 There are different ways, which we will tell you below.

  • Run function: This is one of the simplest and simplest methods to access this section, we just have to go to Start -> Run, you can also use the shortcut by pressing the Windows key + R and write “control panel”.
  • Performing a search: This is another way to find the Control Panel in Windows 11, we just go to Start -> search and write the name. It will appear in the search results and we click on it to start.
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  • Windows tools: With the arrival of Windows 11 so does a section called “Windows Tools” from where we can find several options, including the Control Panel.
  • File Browser: so not but yes, with the Windows 11 file manager we can also access the Control Panel, just type the name in the navigation bar and that’s it.
  • Windows Terminal: Another way to enter is with this tool, we just have to right click on the Start button and select “Windows PowerShell” in the contextual menu. When it starts, we just have to type “control panel”.

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