In case you want access a link to know where it is taking you, but you do not know exactly if it is totally safe, these forms will be of great help.

Known as link shortening services, they are currently used more by users, thus being an incredible way to know where a link leads us.

Access a link
Access a link

Access a link to know where it leads us in most cases can be dangerous, whether you have seen it in:

  • Social networks
  • Photos
  • Websites
  • SMS
  • Email services, among others…

Keep in mind that in this way we can avoid being victims of some viruses, malware, spamamong others who only want to steal our personal information.

To achieve this purpose, you must make use of some of these shorteners or through some websites, which are designed to access a link in a safe way.

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You will only need to copy and paste the address of the shortened link, so in this way you will be able to know all its content, be careful not to press on it and open it.

Access a link through URL shorteners Know the best!

One of the best ways you can have in your favor to access a linkit is through the services of the shorteners and then we show you the best ones.


bitly is known to be one of the best ways to access a link safely, and know exactly what is behind those shortened URLs.

The result that you will have at your disposal is almost immediate, knowing in this way what is behind those and if you want to discard it because it simply does not convince you.


In order to start using tinyurl shortener for access a linkfirst we will have to write the word “Preview”, inside the shortened link, which would be “https://” and “tinyurl”.

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It should be noted that by making use of this you will see how just by entering the word within the link, you will receive all the information that a link contains, and all in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, you will only need to use your computer; and without needing other external services.

Redirect Detective

To use Redirect Detective just enter the short address you want to know, and then proceed to press the search button.

After this you will be able to observe each and every one of the redirects of the short URL, and therefore the final link of its destination.

For this option and power access a linkwe will have to click on the “Display redirects in full” option.

Although there are many other tools that will help you access a link shortened, these are just a few of the most effective and easy to use.

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