How the Inspector works in the Finder on Mac?

Recently I switched to macOS from Windows. I still haven’t figured it out. Somehow, instead of file properties, I opened a convenient inspector but did not understand how to open it again.

The standard macOS file viewer has a small but handy feature. Not all experienced Mac users know about it.

Viewing files through the Inspector allows you to quickly and conveniently find out the properties of various objects and view properties for selected groups of files.

How to open file properties in the Inspector?

1. Open the context menu of the required file.

2. Hold down the Option (Alt) key.

3. Click the Show Inspector menu item, which will appear instead of the Properties item.

An open properties window will not close and will display the property of the selected file. If necessary, you can select several files at once. The data for all selected data will be displayed in the inspector window (total volume, date range of creation, modification, etc.).

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