Hide folders and files in Windows It is an extremely simple task, even more so when you do not want to uninstall it completely, but rather hide them temporarily.

But calm down, we have grouped a series of steps that will be of great help to you to be able to hide the folders and files that are of your preference.

Hide folders and files
Hidden files and folders in Windows 10

We must emphasize that you have several options in your favor that will help you, we can folders and hidden files on Windows 10.

Or you could also use a specific application, but the way that we will explain below is extremely simple that you can follow.

Do you want to know how you can Hide folders and files on Windows 10? Well don’t worry, with the following steps that we bring for you you can do it.

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Hide folders and files in Windows 10 Follow these easy steps!

we can proceed to Hide folders and files on Windows 10, from your Windows 10 computer so no one else can access them, or even view their contents.

It is worth mentioning that this function is available from many versions of the same operating system; currently we can use it with just a couple of clicks.

Keep in mind that the steps that we will show you will be to hide these files and folders, they will always be there for when you want to see their contents.

  • Go to the file or folder you want to hide
  • Proceed to click on the icon, and press the right mouse button
  • You will see a drop-down menu with various options.
  • Scroll between all of them and click on the one named “Properties”
  • Being inside “Properties”, click on the first option “General”
  • Scroll down until you see “Attributes”
  • You will be able to see only two options “Read only/Hidden”
  • You must choose the “Hidden” option, in order to Hide folders and files on Windows 10
  • You just have to click on “OK” and exit properties
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What happens after I have hidden the files or folders?

After having correctly executed each and every one of the steps that we have described above, you will be able to see that the folder that you wanted to hide will disappear instantly.

In the event that you want to see the content that you hid again, you will only have to go to the “View” option of the same folder that you have hidden.

It should be noted that to discover those folders that we decide Hide folders and files on Windows 10, we just have to open the desktop folder and go to the “View” tab that we find at the top next to “Home” and “Share”.

Being in this section we can see a series of options, such as the preview panel or the details panel; plus several different views on how we want the icons to display:

  • Details
  • Ready
  • Big
  • Little ones
  • medium
  • Very large, among others
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When you check on “Hidden Items”, the folders or files that you have hidden following the steps that we have mentioned will appear on your screen again.

What do you think about these steps? hidden files and folders on Windows 10? There is no doubt that they are easy to follow and also to execute.

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