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Have you ever wanted to gather up to 1000 people for a massive video call? Telegram just added the option to host giant video sessions through its Group Video Calls 2.0 update. This means that you can have video sessions with you and up to 999 of your closest friends.

Get to know Telegram’s «group video calls 2.0»

Telegram added support for group video calling in June, which means the company has significantly accelerated its video efforts in a short time by increasing capacity to 1,000. The feature allows up to 1,000 users to watch a group video call on Telegram.

That means 1,000 users cannot participate in the call; that would be total chaos. Instead, 30 people can participate in the call, as was the limit with the original Telegram group call implementation, and the other 970 people can watch. This could be useful for remote classes, large meetings with entire companies, small concerts, etc.

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However, the company is not satisfied with 1,000 users, such as He says the publication of the Blog by Telegram He will not be happy until “all humans on Earth can join a group call and watch us sing in celebration.”

How to make a giant video call

To start a group call, you need to start a voice chat from the information page of any group where you are an administrator, turn on the video option, and you are good to go. Once the chat is running, you can invite people until you hit that massive limit.

Telegram video calls for 1000 people

The first 29 others will be able to share their camera and participate in the call. The rest will watch without being able to speak or show their camera. It’s simple to get started and could be incredibly useful for everything from remote work to personal calls.

What else is new on Telegram?

Another significant change is the 2.0 video messages. Telegram is improving its quick video message feature with higher resolution videos and the ability to expand a clip to see those extra pixels. You can also touch a video message to pause, fast-forward, or rewind it. And if you want to entertain your friends with karaoke, the audio will continue to play from your device while you record video messages.

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Telegram video message update

The latest Telegram update also adds screen sharing with sound to individual video calls. That means the person you are sharing your screen with can hear sounds from your device, which could be useful for collaborating on video or audio files.

The update implements video playback speeds of .5x, 1.5x, and 2x for those times when you’re in a rush or need to slow down a bit.

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