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Google will help you find in-stock products in stores


The disconnect between the shopping line and in the store it is shrinking. Most large retailers offer the option to pick up the item, and now Google is doing this so that local stores can show if they have an item available directly through Search.

New local shopping feature of Google Search

When you head to the store, it’s nice to know that the item you want is there. Google ad You are trying to make this happen in more stores by adding the ability to search for inventory in the store from home. This doesn’t just apply to big box stores like Walmart and Best Buy, as small businesses can participate as well.

When you search for a product on Google, you can use the new “in stock” feature to see only nearby stores that have the product in stock.

In a blog post , Google mentioned how vital a feature like this could be for small businesses. Google said: “Showing availability in the store is especially valuable for small businesses as it helps them attract new local customers.”

Of course, stores will need to do this so Google can see what they have in stock, and Google was unclear on how a store would provide its inventory, although the video above shows a small business scanning items into their system to obtain them. Google.

Google says the new feature will roll out starting today, so you should be able to start seeing local items in stock soon.

Other changes coming to Google Shopping

Google announced many new things that will come to shopping in the near future on both iOS and desktop computers.

The company is making several improvements to Google Lens . For example, soon, the Google app on iOS will receive an option to make images on a web page searchable. So if you’re looking at an image of a chair, for example, you can use Lens to search the web for that chair and others like it.

In addition, Google announced that Lens would reach Chrome on the desktop . You can select images, videos, and text content on a website with Lens and view search results directly from a web page.

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