Google drive it’s getting a nice new update that will make it so you can access all the different types of files when you’re offline. You are no longer limited to accessing only the Google Drive files in your browser Since you can now access almost anything you put on your Drive.

In a blog post , Google said: “Google Drive stores your most important files, be it Google documents, spreadsheets, slides, PDF files, images, or the hundreds of other types of files we support today. Today, we announce more ways to make sure you can make them accessible even when your Internet connection is not available.

This feature was released as a beta version in 2019, and now all Drive users will be able to view files like PDF , pictures, and Microsoft Office files without an Internet connection. This makes Google Drive much more useful if you are someone who travels a lot, as internet connections can be somewhat spotty.

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To take advantage of the feature, you simply need to mark the files you want to access as available offline. From there you can use Google Drive in your browser and open these files as you would if you were online.

As part of this update, Google is also doing it so that users of Chrome OS They can use the Files app on their Chromebook to select available Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files when they’re offline.

This feature will be available to all Google Drive users, whether they have a personal account or commercial, so if you need to access your non-Google files, you will be able to do so as long as you have them marked as available offline. It’s a gradual release, so it may take a while to see it.

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