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Google Chrome will help you keep track of price drops


Google is bringing some cool shopping features to its Chrome browser. The company is adding a price tracker and the ability to search for products with your phone’s camera on the mobile device and the ability to see what’s in your shopping cart from the new tab page on a desktop.

There’s a lot third-party apps designed to help you track prices , but Google is building a price tracker in the mobile version of Chrome (the feature is first launched as a flag in early 2021 ). You should leave a tab open with a product you are thinking of buying, and if the price drops, the tab grid will show you the change. The feature will roll out this week for Android and will come to iOS later.

Another cool mobile feature that is available now uses the power of Google Lens to help with shopping. You can tap on the Lens icon in the address bar and start searching with your camera. If you see a product in the real world, you can use this feature to find it online quickly and easily.

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On the desktop, Google is also adding a Lens feature that will allow you to right-click and select “Search images with Google Lens” to find a product.

Google is also adding a feature that will display your shopping carts on the new tab page on Mac and Windows. If you leave something behind because you’re not ready to pull the trigger yet, you’ll have a quick and easy way to do it again. The company even said that some retailers like Zazzle, iHerb, Electronic Express, and Homesquare may offer discounts when you return.

Microsoft is adding many shopping features to Edge, including a strange one that in will actually loan you money to buy things . However, Chrome seems to be running a bit slower, making the shopping features a bit less intrusive and easier to ignore if they are not for you.

Either way, this is a nice update for Google Chrome on both mobile devices and desktops. If you do many online purchases , these new features will enhance your experience. If you don’t, you can ignore them and browse as usual.

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