Windows 11 little by little it is making its way among compatible PCs, however, the first to be officially updated, have already begun to report your first problems.

This morning we reported on a rather curious problem that some users are experiencing after forcing the upgrade to Windows 11 using Microsoft’s upgrade wizard. It turns out that after performing the update process, Windows 11 displays the Windows 10 taskbar.

If this is one of your problems, we have the solution for you. Next we will show you the How to stop Windows 11 from displaying the Windows 10 bar, so pay attention.

Windows 11 with the Windows 10 taskbar
Windows 11 with the Windows 10 taskbar

Steps for Windows 11 not to show Windows 10 taskbar

The reason why Windows 11 shows you the Windows 10 taskbar after forcing the update is because this component comes from the Shell of Windows 10X and can not live with him Shell Windows 10, then the Microsoft team used the old Shell without having to make major changes.

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And by not making the changes by the Microsoft team, users are experiencing this problem. The elements designed for Windows 10 are unusable in Windows 11, but apparently, this is not something new, since it also happened in Windows Insider.

If you have this problem, just follow the steps below to fix it:

  • We go to the Control Panel
  • Then we click Uninstall Programs.
  • Now View installed updates.
  • We look for the update KB5005635 and proceed to uninstall it.
  • We restart the PC.
  • When uninstalling the update it is very important to look for a new cumulative update from Windows Update, as the operating system is incomplete.
  • We choose the new cumulative update, install it and restart our PC.

With these steps you should have fixed the Windows 10 taskbar problem in Windows 11.

Have you solved it? Let us know in the comments of this article.

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