You find yourself running low on gas in your car and wonder where are the gas stations closest to me? We will explain how to locate it with the help of Google Maps through the specific functions of this wonderful application.

In the passing years Google It has implemented many functions to facilitate its users many activities in their life. Regarding specific searches such as nearest gas stations They will help locate the ones closest to you and give results by distance, opinions and means of contact.

Google Maps has an extensive database of gas stations anywhere. So that you know how to do it, then in this article we will explain how to find the nearest gas station.

Find nearest gas stations on Google Maps
Find nearest gas stations on Google Maps

Find nearest gas stations on Google Maps

Google Maps has a large capacity for places and zooms on its map; you will have to make a specific search for nearest gas stations.

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To carry out this search, start the Google Maps application and in its search bar type “Gas stations”; Just by writing this term you will be able to see the gas stations near your location from the map, you can also access the list to obtain more grouped information about the gas stations near you.

Find the closest gas stations
Find the closest gas stations on Google Maps

This detailed list if it is open the nearest gas station, the exact address, name of the service station and have two options in which you can call or receive indications of how to get through Google Maps.

Google Maps list of the closest petrol stations
Google Maps list of the closest gas stations

You can use as a search term a gas station of a specific franchise. But it is best simply to perform the search with the term of Gas Stations to see more options.

Filters to perform a more specific search for the nearest gas station

Once the search has been carried out, it will show you the most relevant results but not the closest ones; To find these results, below the search bar you will find some filters that will be very useful to find the nearest gas station.

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To do this you must press the filter “Sort by”; this by default is set in relevance; followed by this, a box will be displayed at the bottom of the screen showing you two options “Relevance – Distance” you must select the option distance.

Google Maps list of the closest gas stations
Google Maps list of the closest gas stations

When selecting the distance option, the application will automatically show you the nearby service stations with respect to your current location.

You can also apply the filter Open now to know what those open gas stations nearby.

What are you waiting to wear Google maps to locate those places you want to go? With this information you can find the nearest gas stations in a matter of seconds and to be able to locate you easily.

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