The Microsoft Edge Since its launch it has been climbing in the market, this browser owned by Microsoft as its name indicates is based on Chromium, the same technology that Google uses to Chrome. With the latest update, the company is testing a new layout for scroll bars, which will now look retractable and with a much more attractive style.

However, this new Edge feature has not yet reached the stable version, as as always happens, Microsoft first test in Canary version, so it is advisable to have the latest version installed available.

New Microsoft Edge scroll bars
New Microsoft Edge scroll bars

How to activate the new Microsoft Edge scroll bars

The Redmonds in the latest Canary version of Edge They are testing a new design on the scroll bars, which are automatically hidden. This test could last a few months until it reaches the official version of the browser.

Said scroll bars in Microsoft Edge Apart from having a new design, a small animation has also been added when the user passes the cursor over them. As you can see in the animated images attached to this article.

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New Microsoft Edge scroll bars
New Microsoft Edge scroll bars

If you have the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary installed and you want try the new scroll bars you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • We start Microsoft Edge Canary.
  • Type or copy edge: // flags / # edge – overlay – scrollbars – win – style in the search bar
  • The option will appear disabled, then we proceed to enable it.
  • Finally, we only have to restart the browser.

If the new navigation bar is not to your liking, you can always disable them by following the same steps.

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