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EdrawMax review: all-in-one diagram solution and Visio alternative

EdrawMax is a cross-platform diagram software solution available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and online. It offers a host of templates, themes, and vector images to start creating diagrams, infographics, presentations, and graphic design solutions. You cover a wide range of relevant needs from the education, business and engineering industries, which means you are covered to be able to present important information quickly and easily. We tested EdrawMax and thought it warranted a closer comparison to a more familiar program like Visio. But first, let’s take a look and see what EdrawMax looks like.

Verdict: already Whether you’ve been using Visio for years to make diagrams, infographics, and presentations, or you’re new to the game and need quick and effective results, EdrawMax will make your life a little easier. It is easy to use and produces excellent results.

Summary of functions

User interface

Like MS Office programs, the user interface provided is a recognizable design with more than familiar features. There is a ribbon menu at the top with all the usual tabs and menus such as file and page settings. This is where you can add shapes, draw, connect things, and place them. To the right of the screen is a horizontal ribbon where you edit and format what you have already presented.

If it all sounds very familiar, it is. Like Microsoft’s diagramming program Visio, the wheel has not been reinvented, it has just been incorporated into a new ‘blueprint’. EdrawMax provides more functions and was considered a great visio alternative .

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Any diagram you need

With over 280 types of diagrams, EdrawMax seems to have you covered. A comprehensive list of ready-to-use diagrams includes everything from basic diagrams to; flowcharts; blueprints of the floor; business diagrams; infographics; graphics and science classroom diagrams can be used and customized to display your ideas, investigations, and messages.

With more than 1500 templates fully customizable integrated, This means that regardless of the industry you work or are studying in, there will be something to work with. You can easily brainstorm in a cohesive and visually striking way. There are also 26,000 ready-to-use symbols to make your diagrams stand out more brilliantly.


EdrawMax has a growing community of diagram templates with users and subscribers showing and sharing their creations. It currently has more than 7000 templates shared by its users, the number continues to grow. All the major categories are easily searchable on this forum and you can browse, like, share and use people diagrams, which is serendipitous in terms of inspiration, if you ever get caught up in ideas.

The competition

To get a better view of where EdrawMax stands on the market, we compared it to Visio, Microsoft’s popular software program for diagrams and vector graphics. This is how they compare to each other.

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Visio is accessible through a 365 subscription or as a desktop PC app, alone. An annual subscription to Visio is $ 180, which is for the desktop and web application, for PC.

For an annual subscription to EdrawMax it costs only $ 99. The EdrawMax web app is also available, so you’re paying substantially less for cross-platform software that’s integrated for macOS and Linux, as well as Windows. For the price alone, this makes EdrawMax the best Visio alternative for mac and the best Visio alternative online. See all EdrawMax pricing plans .


EdrawMax not only contains all of Visio’s features, it apparently has a lot more to offer.

From a design perspective, EdrawMax has the additional ability to draw vectors through a floating drawing toolkit. This gives users the ability to make their mark, or simply have more control and participation over the appearance of the diagrams. It’s almost like having an illustrator kit.

Where Visio only offers a “pattern fill” option for shapes, EdrawMax supports a texture fill and an image fill, making the graphical possibilities even more abundant.

Other outstanding features that Edrawmax has over its previous alternative are; collaboration in the cloud, which allows you and your colleagues to share and edit together; add comments and notes to collapsible and expandable forms; and create custom themes to share on the EdrawMax template community.

Visio only offers 80 types of templates for EdrawMax vector symbols 280 and 26000. That’s not including the vast community of examples in EdrawMax’s template gallery.

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EdrawMax also supports Visio files (.vsdx and .vsd). This is a blessing if you have old Visio files that you could open (there are applications specifically designed to open Visio files). Being able to open, view, and make changes to these makes life so much easier when importing, exporting, and switching to any number of file formats.

EdrawMax supports a variety of file formats. You can export editable files to PowerPoint; Word; Standing out; PDF; and Visio files (.VSSX), to name a few. Being a cross-platform program, it is quick and easy to share, edit and display depending on the situation. Download EdrawMax for free here .

Final verdict

Whether you are in a classroom or a work situation, EdrawMax promises to be a vital tool for the purpose of presenting clear information that is easy to do. Beginner or not, the ease and familiarity of the software, and its user community, means that it is a robust and comprehensive program in which you can achieve great looking results, making you a pro even if you are new to creating diagrams. .

Based on its features and affordability, EdrawMax appears to be one of the best vectoring and diagramming packages out there, and it definitely ranks high on the list as an alternative to Visio.

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