There is no doubt about the importance represented by the well-known Backupsnot only to protect our favorite photos and videos, but on a much more technical level.

Own driver backupsis a task of the utmost importance in the event that an unforeseen event occurs.

Driver Backups
Driver Backups

Take into consideration one point, suppose some of your drivers fail, it is obvious that the operation of our operating system will be much worse.

Hence the importance of having a support or driver backupssince this way we can reinstall that version that did work.

If you want to quickly, efficiently and easily obtain the driver backups of your computer, you will be able to use some of these tools.

In this way you can be totally sure that our controllers will not be lost and if there is a problem we can restore them at any time.

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Next in this article, we will show you some safe tools, with which you can carry out perfect driver backups that make up your computer.

Driver Backup Applications

We must first talk to you about Driver Backupthis application is free and free of those annoying advertisements, which proceed to analyze our operating system in search of drivers.

After this proceed to make the famous driver backupsafter downloading it we can see a series of buttons, which work as a filter for the controllers themselves.

  • There: In this option we will see each and every one of the drivers installed on our computer
  • OEM: Only We will see those OEM drivers, these are the ones that are installed by default in Windows
  • Third Party: Here we will see only those additional drivers, which do not come by default in the system.

Free Driver Backup

This is another application that will help you perform driver backupsand in this way you must be totally sure that you would not lose anything at all.

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Thanks to the help you will offer us Free Driver Backupwe can save those important Windows drivers, as well as those audio, video, network, keyboard, Bluetooth drivers among many others…


DriverMax It also proceeds to scan our computer in search of obsolete drivers, those that come by default in the system or those that have been downloaded.

Likewise, how the other two programs to carry out the driver backupsthis also offers you this option and totally free.

It is known among its millions of users as one of the applications that has an easy-to-use and beautiful interface; compatible with all versions of Windows server:

  • Windows Xp
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 in its 32 and 64 bit versions

You can install the free version of this program, but it is limited to two daily updates, or compare the PRO version without limitations for only $14.51.

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In its database we can find a total of more than 2 million drivers for different devices, a feature that is important.

The Internet can provide you with a wide variety of programs to perform safe copies of driversbut these are safe and easy to use unlike many others.

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