Download Windows 11 without malware

The Microsoft company has not yet officially released Windows 11, but we already know part of the news that the new Redmond Windows incorporates. However, the update can now be download in preview from Windows InsiderBut there are users who download from disreputable sites.

When users download the new Windows from other sites that have not been enabled by Microsoft, cybercriminals seize the opportunity to introduce malware in the operating system installers simulating the user who is actually downloading the new Windows.

Download Windows 11 without viruses

Be careful where you download Windows 11

Officially the new Windows update will be available to everyone at the end of 2021, but currently only the 1% of Insiders users have chosen to upgrade, this could be due to System Requirements that are needed to perform the installation.

Although Microsoft has made the Windows 11 download and installation process fairly straightforward, users opt for download installers from other sourcesInstead of downloading clean installers, they download installers with unwanted companions called malware, with which criminals can access sensitive information without the user noticing.

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As I already know we inform before, one of the simplest ways that cybercriminals deceive users is by entering an additional piece of information to the installer, for example: «86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe » .

Download Windows 11 without viruses
Download Windows 11 without viruses

Of course, seeing that the installer is about 1.75 GB in size, users tend to be confident, however, most of the space consists of a single DLL file that contains a lot of ineffective information.

Where and how to download Windows 11 safely

To avoid all these problems, we recommend that you download Windows 11 from trusted sources as recommended by Microsoft. Currently the new Windows is available for participants of the Insiders program, to obtain it, you only need to register (In order to install Windows 11, your computer must have Windows 10 installed).

You can also do it from your Windows 10 computer, we just have to go to Settings -> Update and security -> Windows Insiders Program -> We activate the Dev Channel to get the update.

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As a recommendation, do not install the new Windows on your main computer, since as we know, the versions that are distributed in the Insiders program are not completely stable and in some cases they are not compatible with some software.

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