Download macOS Monterey VMware and VirtualBox Image

In this article, you will get the direct download links to Download macOS Monterey VMware and VirtualBox Image.

Mac Monterey’s macOS 12 has recently been released. It will be out on the market on July 8, 2021 and is known as macOS 12. It is the very amazing operating engine for Macs which was announced last week on June 7, 2021. You might be in a hurry to test the features of macOS Monterey on Windows, but this is unnecessary as Apple users are already enjoying all the operating systems released by Apple, such as iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and so on. I recommend downloading the macOS Monterey VMware and VirtualBox images. This is where everything is smoother and there are new features too.

Download macOS Monterey VMware and VirtualBox Image

You’re right, macOS Monterey is still in beta. And we never recommend installing beta software on a physical PC without making sure it’s backed up and patched. Monterey has been reported to cause problems with some PCs and needs more testing before we can make it widely available. Virtualization software is a type of software that enables you to run multiple operating systems on the same machine without any conflict; it can be switched regularly without affecting your PC.

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Whether you use Mac or Windows, virtualization is applicable to both of them. You can easily install any macOS version on your computer using a virtual machine. Installing an operating system on a VM offers many advantages, such as being able to switch between different operating systems with ease.

macOS Monterey Features

  • There are shortcuts for Mac too, which work in the same way but with extra power. If you’ve made any shortcuts before, they’ll be available for use all over your Mac.
  • Safari has had loads of updates in each update of macOS. With Monterey you can customise your tabs and have a personalised tab bar which is nice for having music on all the time as well. The toolbar is redesigned, the buttons are more compact and they change colour based on what you’re browsing.
  • AirPlay to Mac: With the help of AirPlay to Mac. In macOS Monterey, you can now take the media from your iPhone or iPad and use AirPlay to stream on your Mac.
  • Quick Notes: Quick Notes is also in iPadOS 15, you can create notes on the screen without launching the notes app.
  • Now you can reset your Mac from the Monterey release without having to reinstall the whole OS. This saves time and reduces any complications that might be caused by a reformat.
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What is Virtual Machine Image?

Here you will find guides on how to download and use macOS Monterey VMware and VirtualBox images, without any difficulties. Basically, when creating a virtual machine for macOS Monterey OS, then all that is needed is to attach the macOS Monterey ISO file.

That’s why we have a specific file created for you. It is also called VMDK which means Virtual Machine Disk. You will need the image to install macOS Monterey on a virtual machine. Get the link below if you want to learn more about it!

Download macOS Monterey VMware and VirtualBox Image

One of the reasons why virtual machines for macOS Monterey are difficult to create and require a lot of time is because of their multitude of drivers. Trying to fix this problem, we’ve created one for you, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link down below.

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Install macOS Monterey on VMware and VirtualBox

If you want to get macOS Monterey set up in a virtual environment, this article has instructions written step-by-step. We’ve linked to the guide here for your reference –


This article does not seem to have any problems. We’re glad you were able to download and install macOS Monterey successfully on your virtual machines! If you face problems, please comment in the comment section below and we’ll try our best to help.

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