Download macOS Mojave DMG Files: 2 Direct Links

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We strive to keep all the latest updated files, and you can also get macOS installation guides. Most of the internet blogs are out-dated, but we will make sure that you get all the updated files on time. So, in this article we will be sharing the direct links to Download macOS Mojave DMG Files.

Features of macOS Mojave

On September 24, 2018, Apple released a macOS Mojave update for Mac computers that tested three months after the system was unveiled at WWDC 2018. There are a lot of new features and changes in the system. The best will be discussed in this material.

Dark mode

Apple has finally added a full-featured dark mode to macOS. Incorporating a dark theme will change the design of the system elements and the design of applications. Apple also offers an API for developers to help them implement dark mode in their applications.

Dynamic desktop

However, Apple introduced the Dynamic Desktop feature, which automatically changes the wallpaper on the computer, depending on the day’s time.

New Mac App Store

Apple introduced the Mac App Store in 2011 and has paid little attention to it since then. At macOS Mojave, the company completely changed the store’s design, making it look like the App Store. In addition to the new design, there is a “Review” tab, which will appear articles and app selections from the Mac App Store editors.

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Fast Action in Finder

Finder added a quick-action panel. It allows you to edit files directly into Finder quickly. Turning photos, creating PDFs, editing images, and cropped videos have become even easier.

Improved fast viewing

Apple’s developers have updated “Fast View” to allow users to change files quickly. Now you don’t have to run special apps to add tags to a PDF document, crop audio or video, or change a photo.


Many Mac owners are familiar with the situation when you can’t find the right file on your desktop. In macOS Mojave, Apple has found a solution to this problem. Stacks automatically sort files into groups. You can organize by file type, date, or tags.


Apple has moved the screenshot editor to macOS from iOS. The system has a “Screenshot” utility, which is responsible for setting up screenshots. Once you’ve taken a screenshot, you can quickly edit it, for example, crop, add text, or picture.

Continuity Camera

It’s even easier to work with macOS files with iOS. If you take a photo on your iPhone, you can immediately add it to a document or presentation. And if you scan a file with the Notes app, you’ll see a copy of it in the PDF on your computer. Continuity Camera works with Pages, Number, Keynote, Mail, Messages, and Notes.

Group calls to FaceTime

At WWDC 2018, Apple unveiled an updated FaceTime. The main change was the support of group calls. At the same time, up to 32 people can participate in the conversation.

Apple News

The Apple News app has appeared in macOS Mojave. The program has a sidebar for quick navigation of sources.

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Control Center

You can now control home smart devices not only from your smartphone but also from a Mac computer with macOS Mojave. The system has a “Home” program that duplicates the functions of the mobile application.

Voice recorder

Recording audio files has become easier because macOS Mojave has added the Dictaphone app. Records are automatically added to iCloud, so they’re available on iOS devices.


You can follow stock quotes, exchange rates, and economic news through the new “Promotions” app. The desktop app interface is the same as the iOS version.

Sites icons in Safari

Chrome and Firefox browsers have been showing site icons from the beginning, but Safari still hasn’t had icon support. macOS Mojave and iOS 12 have the ability to include site icons on Safari tabs. The default feature is off, so you’ll have to go to the app settings to activate it.

Sneak Peek

Apple News, Promotions, Dictaphone, and Home, are the apps Apple has ported from iOS to macOS. The company said it was developing ways to integrate iOS apps into macOS. So far, the feature is in beta inside Apple, but it will become an important tool for developers who want to port their applications in the future quickly.

Download macOS Mojave DMG Files

Download macOS Mojave DMG Files

Newly updated: Tested Versions of macOS Mojave DMG File

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