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In this post, we have provided links to Download macOS Big Sur ISO Image for VMWare and Virtualbox. It’s been almost 2 weeks that macOS Big Sur has been officially released. macOS Big Sur is the latest version of the Mac operating system at this moment, So let’s get down to download macOS Big Sur ISO Image for VMWare and Virtualbox.

So I recently installed Big Sur on my mac. I am pretty much impressed with Apple this time. So here is my in-depth review of macOS Big Sur so far. I have also prepared the macOS Big Sur ISO for you to download, and you can find the links below.

What’s new with macOS Big Sur?

macOS Big Sur is Apple’s new operating system. It was mainly developed for the MacBook, which runs on the M1 chip. But it can be installed by other users of the company’s devices as a free update. This version of the OS has a modified interface. It improves the protection of user data.

It’s worth starting that MacOS Big Sur is a truly new generation of the operating system. The 10th version was gone, and Big Sur was not 10.16 (as predicted), but 11 versions of the system. Big Sur is not from the American word “surprise,” but from the name of a sparsely populated area of the coast of central California.

The new OS can be installed on the following computers:

  • MacBook;
  • MacBook Air;
  • MacBook Pro;
  • Mac mini 2014;
  • iMac;
  • iMacPro;
  • Mac Pro.

The design has been radically revised!

  1. The state line has become translucent. Worked on the sizes and distances between the elements.
  2. Dock – has acquired a common style with iPadOS and iOS. Now it is also located separately, rather than adjacent to the bottom edge of the screen. Also, there has been increased translucency. I wouldn’t say I liked the fact that in Handoff mode, app icons from other devices appear not on the side of the line but on the right side, closer to the center. From this, constantly shift icons to the left.
  3. Icons – refreshed the design of many standard app icons, some borrowed from mobile operating systems—for example, the Mail. In general, there was a volume.
  4. Windows of regular applications – got fewer partitions, and the appearance became easier. The side menu now has a greater degree of transparency and vertically occupies all the window space (the information is placed more).
  5. Sounds – there are new system sounds. They sound more expressive and are based on already familiar melodies from past OS.
  6. The toolbar – got fresh icons.
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Dock began to look completely different

All the changes look fresh, but not strictly. For iPad, this interface fits perfectly, but macOS needs to get used to it. In general, the taste and color.

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Control point

Changed beyond recognition – the interface has completely acquired the character of iOS. Finally, all the wireless networks’ icons are located in one place, not scattered across the menu line. Additional settings for each item are revealed in a separate window, as they used to. Even so, the icons from the control point can be moved to the state line. This is done with the “Command” key clamped.

Menu and Dock system settings: you can add some modules to the control room—for example, a universal access command or a battery on a laptop. Unfortunately, you can’t change the switches’ location on the control point, even those you add.

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Notification Center

Now it starts by clicking the watch, not through special icons. Notification design and widgets are fully aligned with those in iOS. Notifications have finally begun to group, rather than line up in an endless list. There are many new, even standard widgets. Widgets, as in iOS, come in 3 types.

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On the start screen began to fit much more icons and bookmarks favorites. There were blocks:

  1. Privacy report.
  2. Reading list.
  3. Pages that are running on other active devices displayed through Handoff.

In the bottom right corner of the Safari there was a settings menu. You can turn off unnecessary menus and add background wallpaper. When the cursor is brought to the tabs, there are miniature sites.

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The App Store has rethought the Safari extension category. The main thing is that third-party developers add Popular, which is not available now. The expansions of the Safari are still sad. This is one of the few reasons why Chromium has to run periodically.

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Improved mechanisms to prevent password leaks while surfing the network. The speed of “surfing” has increased, the browser’s power consumption has decreased, which is especially true for laptops.

Installing software

The update increased the speed of installation of the software. Now any upgrade will take place in the background. It is relevant when the user forgot to remove the tick from the automatic update, and the last one began at the most inopportune moment.

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Yes, it surprises with a lot of innovations. The items that we have listed today are clear visible changes. In fact, there are many more new chips. We did not touch on the Maps, which also radically “shoveled.” But, unfortunately, most of the content is not for Russia. The Energy and Music section has also added many new things to the photo and video processing sections. In short, such a large-scale update has not been for a long time. Developers are trying to combine all Apple devices to work with them took much less time and was convenient.

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Download macOS Big Sur ISO Image

Download macOS Big Sur ISO Image for VMWare and Virtualbox

macOS Big Sur ISO 11.1 by techrechard (Google Drive) Updated 4 Jan 2020.

macOS Big Sur ISO 11.1 by techrechard (Media Fire) Updated 4 Jan 2020.

The macOS Big Sur ISO file is around 8.3GB, so you will need a good internet connection to download the Download macOS Big Sur ISO for Vmware and Virtualbox. So, here is a tool that you can use to speed up the download process. Internet Download Manager tool that will help you enhance your downloading speed. You can download the full version here.

DISCLAIMER: The macOS Big Sur ISO image is created only for testing & educational purposes. We are not responsible if anyone is misusing the ISO files.

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Conclusion: Download macOS Big Sur ISO Image for VMWare and Virtualbox

After reading this article, you should have downloaded macOS Big Sur ISO Image for VMWare and Virtualbox. We will try our best to share the updated files with you.

If you’ve any suggestions or topics that you want us to cover in the next article, please let us know in the comment section below.

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