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Recently, it seems that Microsoft and Sony are buying sprees. Could either company look to buy Nintendo next? Believe it or not, Microsoft tried this a long time ago and Nintendo didn’t even consider it.

Nintendo seems too big to be sold; is one of the three pillars of the video game industry. But Activision Blizzard also seemed too big, being one of the biggest video game publishers. That didn’t stop Microsoft from shelling out $67.8 billion for him.

sony replied buying bungie creators of Halo and Destiny.

That’s two massive video game companies sold in a very short time. That made us think of Nintendo. Sure, Nintendo makes one of the top three consoles, but could Microsoft or Sony throw Nintendo an offer big enough to entice it to sell?

Okay, Bloomberg published a fascinating story about the creation of the xbox original and in it is a story about Microsoft’s attempt to acquire Nintendo 20 years ago. Nintendo simply laughed at Microsoft, showing that the company would not even consider being sold.

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However, 20 years is a long time. Is Nintendo currently too big to sell? Now, Nintendo has a market capitalization of $57.93 billion . That means Nintendo is actually smaller than Activision Blizzard, which has a market capitalization of $61.56 billion . Even if Nintendo were to sell for more than its market cap (as Activision Blizzard did), the company would still sell for somewhere in the $60 billion range, which Microsoft has shown is not out of reach.

Of course, Nintendo is in a better position than it was all those years ago. The meeting with Nintendo occurred in January 2000, just before Nintendo released Game Cube and at the end of the Nintendo 64 life cycle.

To put where Nintendo is in perspective, the Nintendo 64 sold 32.93 million in its lifetime, while the switch it has already sold 92.87 million units.

If Nintendo laughed at Microsoft then, how would the company react now?

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