The Apple Watch Series 3 may seem like an easy and affordable entry into the world of the Apple Watch, but we recommend buying another model unless you’re looking for an exercise in frustration and disappointment.

Still on sale in 2021 (and 2022)

With him Apple Watch Series 7 debut In September 2021, Apple made another announcement: it would continue to sell the Apple Watch Series 3 . The Series 3 debuted in 2017, but Apple’s $ 199 price tag for the device makes it seem like an affordable way for users to try out the Apple Watch for its size.

While it’s Apple’s lowest-priced Watch model, it has both major and minor shortcomings that can make you regret your purchase.

Why should you avoid the Apple Watch Series 3?

Anyone who has used an iPhone past its prime knows that just because Apple offers an update for older devices, that doesn’t mean it will work well on them.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is starting to show its age in frustrating ways. Thanks to the relatively small internal storage of 8GB, even update the watch to the latest version of watchOS it is a complicated process.

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Unless you never use your Apple Watch, the limited storage fills up pretty quickly. Thanks to the size of watchOS updates, it will often not be enough to update without backing up your watch data, installing the update, and then restoring your data from the backup.

Remember, this is every time you update watchOS. They may not occur very often, but it will be irritating the first time you need it.

Of course, this is all assuming that Apple continues to support Series 3 in future watchOS updates. Nobody wants to buy a product only to see the company drop support for it within a year. Apple hasn’t announced any plans to drop support, but the company hasn’t given a long-term outline for the future of the Series 3 either.

What should I buy instead?

Apple Watch SE

Even if you are on a budget, there are better options available than the Apple Watch Series 3. Yes, they may cost more, but you will get more for your money at the same time.

The Apple Watch SE It’s a better option for most people than the Series 3, but as of September 2021, it’s $ 279 versus $ 199 for the Series 3. If you’re hesitant about buying an Apple Watch in the first place, that price difference can be a deal breaker. That said, if you definitely want an Apple Watch, the SE is worth the extra money.

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Both the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple Watch SE have dual-core processors, heart rate sensors, and promise about 18 hours of battery life. The Apple Watch SE is slightly larger, with 44mm and 40mm case sizes, while the Apple Watch Series 3 comes in 42mm and 38mm case sizes.

The Apple Watch SE has the great advantage that you can buy a model with a cellular radio, something that is completely lacking in the Apple Watch Series 3. It also has a larger screen with smaller bezels, a louder speaker and 32GB of storage in compared to 8GB in Series 3.

The extra storage on the Apple Watch SE should be reason enough to go for this model, assuming you plan to keep it up to date. The newer chip in this model should also continue to perform well with future watchOS updates for longer, giving the SE greater longevity.

Consider buying used

If you’re not interested in the Apple Watch SE, there are still options to get a better watch than the Series 3 without spending more than you’re comfortable with.

One of the best ways to save money on Apple products while still getting something that you can be sure works out of the box is to shop from Apple’s own refurbished store. You get the price savings of buying used, but your Apple Watch will show up in mint condition in what looks like brand new packaging.

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At the time of writing, you can find an Apple Watch Series 4 GPS in the Refurbished section of the online Apple Store for $ 279. Yes, that’s more than the Series 3’s $ 199 price tag, but you’re getting a bigger, brighter screen, longer battery life, and a slimmer body.

You can also save even more money by opting for one of the many services that resell used Apple Watch models. If you are thinking of going this way, we have a guide complete to save money on Apple products that can help you.

What if you really want a Series 3?

You might be a fan of the slightly harsher look of the Series 3 compared to the rounder shapes of the new Apple Watch models. You might like the 38mm size compared to the slightly larger sizes of Series 4 and later.

Of course, you also might not really want to spend too much on what is essentially an accessory, but still prefer to buy a new one. There are many fair reasons why you might be interested in purchasing an Apple Watch.

If you are absolutely determined to buy an Apple Watch Series 3, don’t let us stop you. Just make sure you know the downsides before clicking the buy button.

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