brave browser is known to be a browser class currently associated with Wayback Machinewith the aim of being able to show all its users websites that have been removed or are simply not available, due to a problem with the website itself

You may be wondering about what is Wayback Machine? And why the known browser brave is currently making use of it, to be able to show deleted websites.

Wayback Machine and Brave
Wayback Machine and Brave

Wayback Machine It is nothing more than a digital archive of the managed web, which is managed by the non-commercial organization

Said digital archive offers you the possibility of instantly saving existing web pages, with the intention of proceeding to archive them for a future viewing.

The best thing is that not only will you be able to access these features, but it also offers you the option of recovering the archived versions, thus being able to observe the changes over time of said websites or the pages that are already inactive.

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Below you can see the steps to follow to view the content of websites deleted with the brave browserand all this through the help offered by Wayback Machine.

View deleted web pages with the help of Brave Browser and Wayback Machine

Due to the launch of browser Brave Browser 1.4when you visit a website and an error code «HTTP ‘404 not found’, indicating that the page is not currently active.

The same browser will proceed to inform you to load said web page, with the help of the archive of the page from the Wayback Machine.

Wayback Machine and Brave example
Wayback Machine and Brave example

As a clear example of this possibility that you have in your favor, with the brave browser we can access the White House climate change page, which was removed a few days after Trump won the presidency.

When visiting any website that has been removed, it is quite obvious that you will see the well-known error code, “404 Not Found”.

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The brave browser will immediately make you request if there is an updated version in the Wayback Machineyou will only have to click on the saved version of said website.

In addition to the known bug “404 Not Found” brave states that it will also make use of the integration of Wayback Machineto resolve various other HTTP error codes.

These errors are associated when a website is under maintenance, or failing that, when it has some kind of problem.

Next, we will show you which error codes we are talking about:

  • 410, 451, 500, 502, 503, 504, 509, 520, 521, 523, 524, 525 and 526.

What do you think about this new feature offered by the brave browser? Do you think that is reason enough to use brave hereinafter?

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