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COVID certificate on WhatsApp

When we have the COVID certificate It is convenient to have it on our mobile to show it in a few seconds, so in this way you make sure that you will always have it visible.

In this way you will not have to be concerned if you will lose it or not on your mobile device, since you can open it directly from WhatsApp and in a few seconds; Keep in mind that this process is very fast and will be very comfortable for you.

COVID certificate
COVID certificate

Due to the contingency related to COVID and Christmas with restrictions that await us this year, it will be of great help to have downloaded the COVID certificate at all times.

If you want to know more information about the COVID certificate, and everything you need to know to download it to your smartphone, in this way you will have it in any situation that warrants it.

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Follow the steps that we will show you in this post, in this way you will know how to download and display your COVID certificate anytime.

Download the COVID certificate The first thing to do!

  • Download from the application Google play, the health application that corresponds to your community, once the application is downloaded, you must insert your data.
  • In the event that you cannot use your password, you can request your certificate directly from the Ministry of Health.

It is worth mentioning that no matter the method you choose, you must obtain the COVID certificate in a PDF file, as well as a QR code so that the authorities can confirm said document.

How to install the COVID certificate on WhatsApp

For this whole process we must create a personal chat, we will upload the PDF file to that same chat, and we will give it the option to “set chat” to make it above all the others and to be able to access it more quickly.

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When the file is already in your chat, you just have to press the PDF to proceed to open it, we advise you to choose drive to be your specific application.

COVID certificate on WhatsApp
COVID certificate on WhatsApp

It should be noted that in this way your personal chat with your COVID certificate It will always remain first, regarding all your current conversions, in this way you will have it located and you can display it at any time.

To open the COVID certificate much faster, is to add it as widgets to your desktop, you just have to select the chat and you can open it almost instantly.

What do you think of this incredible functionality? In this way and following each of our steps, you can show your COVID certificate in just a few seconds.

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