Firstly to know how to solve the failed to connect windows to dhcp serveris to know what the server itself consists of DHCP; which is a function that comes in routers and is responsible for assigning an IP address to each computer or device that connects to our WIFI network.

We must take into account one important thing, in the event that the DHCP server did not exist, we could not connect multiple devices at the same time.

Failed to connect Windows to DHCP server
Failed to connect Windows to DHCP server

Unless we configure each of these by hand, a truly complicated and tedious task, in terms of assigning IP addresses by routers is automatically.

Which means that we will not have to do any type of special configuration, we will only have to connect our devices and access the internet.

The problem occurs when the failed to connect windows to dhcp serverwhich prevents us from having a connection by not having an IP address automatically, making it impossible for us to connect to the internet.

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In the event that this is the case, we will have to implement certain solutions, to end this annoying and problematic problem.

But, the question would be why does the failed to connect windows to dhcp server? Although there are different causes, the first of this would be when we establish a connection for the first time.

Either after restarting our device, or in the event that we ourselves have forced a renewal of the IP address, through the following commands.

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew

On the other hand, it could also occur after a system update, a program that is blocking the connection, or some misconfiguration that has been done.

Solution of the failure to connect Windows to the DHCP server

In the case of presenting failed to connect windows to dhcp serveryou will have to try the following solutions that we have grouped for you.

Disable IPv6

The first thing you could try would be to disable the IPv6 protocol, yes, this step should be carried out as long as you do not use it.

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Generally this is not used and you can disable it without any problem, in this way you can avoid certain problems such as the error to access the DHCP server.

In this case you will only have to access the properties of the internet card, and uncheck the box called Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6).

This step could help you to give an immediate solution to the problem. failed to connect windows to server DHCP.

Update the drivers that make up the card

Perhaps you recently had to update your computer’s operating system, which may have caused a conflict with drivers if they are out of date.

You will only have to go to start, enter the “Device Manager” option, network adapters and click on the corresponding card.

Proceed to click the second button on your mouse, and click on “Update Drivers”.

Obtain an IP address automatically

Another possible solution to end your problem with the failed to connect windows to dhcp serverwould be to configure Windows to obtain an IP address automatically.

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Since perhaps by having it configured automatically, it is this option that is generating conflicts in some way; keep in mind that it will be easy to set up and will not take much time.

Go to settings, network and internet and then advanced settings, more options in the network adapter and you only have to select the one that corresponds.

Click on the second button and go to the properties, IPv4 Internet Protocol and again to Properties.

At this point we will only have to select the option, “Obtain an IP address automatically”.

If at any time you come across the Failed to connect Windows to DHCP serveryou will only have to carry out some of these solutions to end said problem.

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