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Close programs without the help of Task Manager

Make use of the Task Manager It will surely be your first step to end those frozen programs, which we must emphasize is fine; although if you want to force the closure of a program in Windows much faster, you can create a shortcut.

If you want to force the closure of a specific program, you can use the command taskkill. To use it, you just have to enter the command prompt and thus be able to stop a program.

Task Manager
Task Manager

However, it is common for you to think that it is useless to open the command line every time a program stops following its correct operation.

Although you also have in your favor the option of forcing the closing of windows in a much easier way, thanks to a direct access.

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If you want to know much more about the methods you can use to close programs without the Task Manager, This post is the one for you.

Follow each of the steps that we will show you, and we assure you that you will not have to use the Task Manager.

How to force close programs with an alternative: say goodbye to task manager

Technically, we can say that another of the ways that you have in your favor to close programs without the help of Task Manager, is to use an alternative to it.

Let’s give you an example, in case you are looking for a tool that offers you better strength, there is no doubt that Process Explorer will help you say goodbye to this need.

Learn how to force close programs with the help of Autohotkey

Another option that you have in your favor is that you will be able to create a basic Autohotkey script, which will help you to force the windows to close.

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To do this you must download Autohotkey, and then you just have to create a script with this line that we will show you below:

It should be noted that after moving the specific file to your home folder, you must enter shell: startup in the address bar of the file explorer in order to get there.

Achieving in this way that it runs every time you log in, then you just have to press Win + Alt + Q, to be able to close the current window.

Other third-party applications that you can impersonate the task manager

In the event that none of the most used options that we have proposed for you works, you will be able to find some third-party tools that will offer you the option to force close programs.

On the other hand, suppose that is the case, you can make use of ProcessKO, very useful for all those advanced users, offering the opportunity to stop a specific process from an already established time interval.

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Despite all this, the occasional crash of some applications is an event that many users who own computers face on many occasions, and the administrator of tasks it is not a viable option to solve it.

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