Generally when we buy a mobile device we have many curiosities for not reading your specifications, one of those curiosities is whether or not the device is resistant to water.

To find out if your phone is waterproof, we will recommend the Water Resistance Tester app, which will confirm if your device is waterproof or not, but also, it will show you information about how the certification of your device is.

Check the water resistance of my phone
Check the water resistance of my phone

How to know the status of the water resistance of my phone

The Water Resistance Tester app It is completely free and you can download it at the end of this article. In order for the application to be able to show you information about the water resistance of your device, it will access the data from the biometric pressure sensor that most devices incorporate.

With the data obtained, the application makes a quick comparison of them and thus be able to offer you the information you need to know. Its operation is really simple, we simply install it and run it, then Water Resistance Tester it will ask us to leave the device alone for a moment on a flat surface.

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Then it will ask us to press certain points on the screen of our device in order to know if the stamps are still reliable. So if you want to know more about the certification IP of your device this is the indicated application.

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