Changing the hard drive on a MacBook Air.

Apple is one of the first companies to offer SSD storage in its laptops. These drives offer several speed advantages for certain types of data handling. But unfortunately, they are still too expensive for the widespread use of such drives in notebooks of other, more budgetary brands. In early production, Apple squeezed Samsung’s 64GB SSD into its MacBook Air. As you can imagine, this is no longer enough at present. In this post, you can learn how to upgrade your Macbook air and replace the hard drive with a larger one. MacBook Air for visual disassembly.

This is an old generation Macbook air, just the one with a 64GB SSD.

Now let’s start parsing the Macbook air. Turn the case upside down and unscrew all the screws around the perimeter as shown in the photo.

Lift the bottom cover (you may need to move it in different directions to unhook the latches). Now you can see the screws that will need to be unscrewed to achieve our goal.

In order to secure further analysis of the Macbook air, we will first unscrew the screws from the battery. It is also necessary to peel off the adhesive tape tightly attached to the battery and the Apple MacBook air case.

Now we disconnect this cable from the motherboard of our Air.

Now let’s move on to the hard drive. A Samsung SSD is installed here. Due to their high cost at the beginning of production, these drives were installed only on the most expensive laptops. This is exactly what the Macbook air is. You will need to disconnect two cables from the bottom of the cooler of the cooling system.

Next, we disconnect another wire running along the hard drive.

Now unscrew the two screws along the top of the SSD. Notice that the screw on the right has a plastic wifi wire holder.

Now you can remove the hard drive and, having disconnected everything that is screwed / glued to it, you can install a new SSD and assemble everything in the reverse order.

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