To proceed to change my iphone ip addressyou could start by asking your router to provide you with a new IP address, or manually assigning a specific IP address to your mobile device.

The fastest way would be to send a request to your router so that it assigns you a new address, but yes, you have to take into account that it is very possible that it assigns you the same IP address.

IP address of my iPhone
IP address of my iPhone

Of course, this will greatly depend on how it works, instead the safest way to change my iphone ip addressis to assign a static address.

In this way, you would be specifying what IP address you want your iPhone to have, and then send all that data to the router when it connects to the network.

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In the second method, suffice it to say that there could be an IP address conflict, this occurs when another device has the same IP address as your iPhone.

To get away from this inconvenience, it would be best to use an address IP that is as far as possible from those that form the network of our home.

Let’s give you a quick example, suppose your router assigns IP addresses up to avoid problems make use of something similar to this:

In another case, the best option would be for your router to manually assign a IP adress to your iPhone, for this look at the list of IP addresses and choose a different one.

Renew the contract so you can change the IP address of your iPhone

Renew the contract in order to be able to change my iphone ip address It will sound like a complicated task, but just follow the steps that we leave you below:

  • Go to your iPhone settings and tap on “WIFI”
  • Being in the WIFI option you must press the “i” icon
  • Scroll down the options and click on “renew lease”
  • Choose “renew contract” in the notice that will appear
  • And ready! Your iPhone will already have a new IP address
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Assign a new static IP address to your iPhone

To proceed to change my iphone ip address for a static one, you will have to go into configuration and select the “WIFI” option.

Just like the previous steps, you will have to press on the “i” icon, select the “Configure IP” option above to change the automatic IP mode to manual mode.

Now you will see a “Manual IP” option, tap on the capo and type in the IP address you want your iPhone to have; Select the “Subnet Mask” and “Router” fields and enter the agreed details.

If you are not sure, go back a screen and you will know each and every one of the data that you will have to enter, once ready, you will only have to save the changes in the upper right corner of your mobile screen.

What do you think of all these steps and recommendations for change the IP address of your iPhone?

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