A lots of android phones they have methods to wake up the screen without a power button if the phone is already on, but what if the phone is off? Is it possible to turn on a phone without a functional power key?

Is your power button broken?

First, it is important to know if your power button is really broken. You may think that the power button is broken, but there could be another reason why the device refuses to turn on.

Usually if it’s not really the power button, the battery may be discharged . An Android device with a dead battery may not turn on even for a fraction of a second. Even the charger may take a few minutes to respond. That could be the problem.

Before you worry too much, plug in your phone and give it a little time to power up before trying to press the power button. If it’s completely dead, you might want to give it about ten minutes before trying again.

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If your power button is broken

Here’s the bad news: If your phone is already off and the power button isn’t working, you’re most likely out of luck. There used to be a few methods you could use, but these tricks don’t work with Android devices made since 2012 or so.

The good news? Well, there is no good news. When your phone is off, there is really no way to communicate with it. May restart a phone with ABS (Android Debug Bridge), but it will not work to boot a phone that is already powered off.

There are button combinations that some people claim work. An example is keeping it on and off at the same time and plugging it into power. However, if you’re not careful, the wrong combination of buttons can wipe your phone clean, as it almost happened on my samsung galaxy device .

Unfortunately, the best course of action is to repair the power button. This is usually a relatively simple fix for a phone repair shop and you don’t risk losing the contents of your phone.

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I can probably find a phone repair shop near you . uBreakiFix is one of the largest phone repair chains, but you can find a local store. The service GeekSquad from Best Buy is another option in many places.

It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a better solution, but that’s how it happens sometimes. A broken button is a broken button.

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