To know the ways in which you can avoid blockages and the internet censorship, first you must know in depth how these work; for block some websiteyou need to cut off your ISP’s access to our IP address.

This is how it works internet censorship from china, it’s so easy how to block traffic to any IP adress that has been previously marked.

Bypass internet censorship
Bypass internet censorship

The reasons for these blocks may be because they show a class of content considered illegal or dangerous, but on many occasions this is not the case.

Whatever the reason you may be being affected in terms of the internet censorshipwe bring you several ways in which you can avoid and a series of recommendations that you do not want to miss.

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Options in your favor to avoid internet censorship

Although there are several ways in which we can make the most of it to escape the internet censorshipbelow we will show you some of the safest.

Shadowsocks or shadow socks

Shadowsocks is a system that was developed by a Chinese programmer, with the main objective of being able to pass the great firewallsto date there is no doubt about its incredible performance, in terms of escaping from the internet censorship.

This option is much more secure as it is less easy to detect, since it manages to disguise itself while most blocks manage to detect a regularly working proxy.

Shadowsocks finds it much easier to avoid the internet censorshipbecause it makes use of an HTTPS connection which tricks the detection system.

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs

Nowadays, virtual private networks are considered a great form of security, and in many cases greatly exaggerated due to their high standards, although when it comes to our security, we can never be too careful.

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It should be noted that the vpn not only do they manage to redirect your connection, but it in turn proceeds to encrypt them through a function called “VPN tunnel”.

It is through all these characteristics that they manage to jump the internet censorshipbut not only this, but it also offers us maximum security while we browse the Internet.

The well-known SSH tunnels

A safe method to avoid at all costs the internet censorshipit would undoubtedly make use of the well-known SSH tunnels, in addition to being totally free, it is very reliable.

We must proceed to create an SSH tunnel to a server that is reliable, this must be outside our country of origin and then access the internet through it.

As for its disadvantage, it is that to make use of an SSH tunnel we must have certain technical knowledge to be able to proceed to configure a ssh tunnel.

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Although there are several additional methods you can use to avoid the internet censorshipas it would be:

  • Tor Network
  • decentralized VPNs
  • Change your DNS server, among others…

They are still under development and are not reliable at all, there are many users who would not be willing to enter their privacy into this kind of service.

It is for this very important reason, that if you want to look for ways to avoid internet censorshipit is better that you make use of some of the first recommendations that we have grouped for you.

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