You find yourself watching some social network, be it Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or some other, that distracts you but in reality you should be busy doing some other activity, if so, you should learn to block websites in google chrome.

Whether you have small children in your home or employees in your company, you must know how to proceed to block websites in google chrome in a quick and easy way.

Block Google Chrome
Block Google Chrome

Whatever your situation, today in this article we want to recommend the extension block-site of Google Chrome, which will help you immediately block any website.

You will also have the option to configure some redirection, which redirects the user to the website that you should actually be using at that precise moment.

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On the other hand, block-site allows you to enable a schedule to be able to use any additional website, be it Facebook, YouTube, among others…

Note that if you don’t want such an extension to run on every website you use, you’ll just need to use Google Chrome permissions to restrict its access.

For example, suppose you only want to use to to block youtube.comyou can go to block-site and make it only run at that address.

How to block websites in Google Chrome with parental controls?

Although the Google Chrome extension, block-site works perfectly, you must consider that this will not work in the same way to access websites for the smallest of the house.

Due to this reason we offer you another option that you can put to the test, many WIFI routers have the option of block websites in google chrome.

What is an option that will work better than the extension itself block-sitein the case of having this function, nobody in your WIFI network will be able to access the website that you have blocked.

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But yes, consider that if some of the users make use of a vpn or Proxy servers, they will be able to circumvent this blacklist and access all those websites that you have blocked.

Although of course it is ridiculous to think that after block websites in google chromethe little ones in the house will have the cunning to start looking for a VPN to help them in this situation.

Remember that you will also be able to carefully examine the parental control software that runs on your computer, as well as third-party software that has very useful tools.

Windows 10 parental control to block websites in Google Chrome

For example, if you have the Windows 10 operating system on your computer; the “Family” feature will allow you to block websites in google chromebut yes, for a secondary account.

As for a Mac, the “Screen Take” feature added in macOS gives you the option to restrict access to tons of websites.

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If we are talking about a chrome bookwe may use the so-called “Family Link” to control which websites any child’s account can access.

You already know each and every one of the functions that you have at your disposal to block websites in google chromedepending on the operating system you use of course.

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