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Block email read receipt on iPhone

User safety is an issue that we often address in Computer CultureSince it is no secret to anyone that many websites or applications try to track user behavior on their device. One of the monitoring methods that is carried out today is through the reading confirmation of emails, either in Android or in ios (iPhone).

But today we are going to focus on the iPhone, we will try to explain to you how you can eliminate the possibility that any application or service can track your activity through emails that come to your tray. Fortunately, the operating system of the Cupertinos allows you to eliminate the possibility that they can track your behavior with your email, for this we only have to follow the steps that we detail a little below.

Block email read receipt on iPhone
Block email read receipt on iPhone

This is how you can block the email read confirmation on iPhone

One of the tactics today is to use different tracking tactics in the emails that are sent to different users in order to know whether or not you have read the email. To do this, «Pixels»To find out if the user has read the information that has come to him through e-mail.

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The same has happened to you that an email has ever reached you and after a while the sender of said email surprises you by asking what you think about the information or the promotion, this is achieved thanks to the aforementioned pixels, which are responsible for filtering all that information to the author of the email.

To avoid these types of circumstances, we will disable from your iPhone the possibility that your emails come with pixels. For this we will deactivate the possibility of displaying the images in the emails that reach our tray, which is where the pixels are generally entered.

This can cause emails containing images they will not be completely or the information appears incomplete, however, Apple has introduced in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 a function called Protect activity in Mail in order to put an end to the tracking of emails from its users.

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Once you know what email tracking is, next we are going to explain how you can configure it on your iPhone, for this we only have to do the following:

  • Let’s go to Settings.
  • We look for the option Mail.
  • In its settings, we look for the Messages section, then we look for Privacy protection.
  • Finally, just we activate the option through the switch, as shown in the image above.

What this option does is that it blocks your IP and loads the content in the background and privately, in this way they will not know if you have read the emails that come to your inbox.

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