We are going to explain quickly and concisely how to make your Android device notify you when it has the charged battery 100%, in this way and with our help you can take care of the battery of your mobile.

Although in iOS the process that we must follow is extremely simple, and although Android does not have a native method to be able to activate and configure these warnings.

Charged battery
Charged battery

There is an alternative that you can use, but yes, the negative point of this application is that the notice will only appear when the mobile is unlocked.

To carry out this entire process, it is important to note that we are going to need the help of a third-party application; which will give you the option to configure the automation.

Next, we will show you which application you must download and the steps you must follow, so that you can receive notifications on your mobile when it has the charged battery.

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Charged battery of your Android and the steps to follow to receive notifications

The first thing you should do is go to the Play Store, and download an application that goes by the name «Automate«Even if it seems difficult to follow, with our steps and recommendations you can put aside the doubt.

When you have already downloaded the application, being in the main option you must click on the “+” button, in this way you can start adding the first block of automations.

Being inside the configurations, it is to press the “+” button again, since in this way we can add the first block.

It should be noted that in order to activate the notifications of the charged battery, a side menu will be opened with many sessions, in which you will be able to observe a series of many functions.

At this point, you just have to open the Battery & power section and click on the Battery level option; in order to be able to create an automatism for how much the charged battery.

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Here inside, you must change the average level value to 100%, thus achieving that the automation is activated when the battery of your Android device is charged.

Back at the main screen menu, your task will now be to link the YES button of When battery level to IN of Speak, you just have to slide your finger from one side to the other to draw a line.

And that’s it, just press the Star button to start this whole process, from that moment you will receive notifications when the charged battery of your Android mobile.

Keep in mind that in order to receive these notices you will have to have your mobile device unlocked.

What do you think of these easy steps to receive notifications when your battery is charged?

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