Apple Unveils Safari for Web Developers – Safari Technology Preview

Recently Apple presented something like a new browser. The application, called the Safari Technology Preview, is intended for developers to experiment and test future web technologies and upcoming features. The novelty is similar to Google Chrome Canary, allowing developers to play with web technologies under development even before they are released. The app even got a new magenta icon.

safari technologyl preview

Apple will update Safari Technology Preview on a bi-weekly basis, with each release signed for security reasons. You can download the new Apple browser with support for automatic updates from the Mac App Store. However, to install it, you still need the latest (at this moment) version of Mac OS X 10.11.4. Suppose this version does not install, or various problems appear in the experimental browser. In that case, you may need to repair your MacBook because “load” artifacts, even when working in a browser, can often be a sign of a GPU malfunction, but we’ll talk about that later.

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The Safari technology release is a stand-alone program so that you can use it alongside the standard Safari browser. The browser also supports iCloud functionality, which regular WebKit Nightly builds lack. The first release contains a lot of functionality for developers that allow them to improve their web resources, but there are no noticeable changes to the average user.

safari technology preview

The Safari Technology Preview is unlikely to be useful to the average user: the development menu is enabled by default. Moreover, browser stability is not guaranteed. Although the preview release will be much more stable than Nightly builds, unlike the regular version of Safari, the browser has not passed the same detailed comprehensive testing.

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