Apple has deviated significantly from the release schedule of its devices: in the summer, they usually presented software devices, and in the fall, all the hardware. Now everything is confused.

For example, you can buy a top-end MacBook, and Apple will roll out updates in a couple of months. For the same money, a radically new device. And in order not to have such a situation, you need to see in front of you the schedule for the release of Apple devices for the year ahead.

In this article, in chronological order with probabilities, I will talk about all the devices that the company will introduce in 2021.

iPad Pro 2021 (Spring)

The new iPad Pro is expected this spring, a 12.9-inch version. And there is a high degree of probability that we will lose the 11-inch version in favor of the iPad Air so that there is no internal competition.

By design, the novelty will remain practically unchanged, and the Cupertinians will seriously modify the hardware. A powerful platform on the A14X chip, 8 GB of RAM, 5G support, updated camera modules, and a LiDAR scanner is expected.

Now Apple uses an IPS matrix in all iPad LCD models, which is inferior compared to the OLED matrix: black color glows and low energy efficiency.

Waiting for the new iPad Pro 2021 mini led display, which works on the same principle as LCD panels in previous iPad generations, with the only difference that the number of illuminated LEDs increases several times due to their decrease in size, and local dimming zones appear.

iPad mini 2021 (spring)

iPad mini 2021

Probably, the iPad mini 6 will be released in the spring. In design, it will be similar to iPad Air 4 and similarly for hardware and performance. The body will be slightly more compact, but the display diagonal is larger.

iPad 2021 (Spring)

The baseline iPad 2021 ninth-generation lineup will be an almost complete copy of the iPad Air 3, which Apple has already withdrawn from sales. The price of the new device will be 30,000 rubles.

The body is expected to be similar to the iPad Air 3. The display diagonal will increase to 10.5 inches. A13 Bionic processor.

The main thing is to abandon the version with 32 GB of storage. By the standards of 2021, this is clearly not enough for a multimedia device.



Rumors about the appearance of the AirTag have been circulating for a very long time since its discovery in the iOS 13 code. And the device itself was ready six months ago, and it is not clear why Apple has not released a release yet.

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But Samsung presented its analog Galaxy SmartTag, and the start of sales will begin soon.

The AirTag works. You hang the device on a piece of clothing, on a pet, or any important item (keys), and your smartphone will display the location of the tag on the map. If the tag is outside the network, then other smartphones will transmit its geolocation.

The AirTag will only work with iPhone 11 and newer models because it will integrate the U1 (Ultra Wide Band) chip. Due to this, directing the smartphone in the right direction (even inside the apartment), you will know the exact position of the tag.

You can mark safe areas on the map when you leave the mark from which you will receive a notification.

It is also possible that augmented reality will search for objects, as announced in the Galaxy SmartTag +.

Galaxy SmartTag +

This is probably why there are rumors of two sizes of AirTags. One tag is ordinary, and the second will work with augmented reality.

The battery will be CR2032 batteries. Air Tag prices range from $ 25 to $ 49.

AirPods 3 Earphones (Spring)

AirPods 3 Headphones

Apple hasn’t updated the classic AirPods for a long time. The second generation with a wireless charging case appeared in 2019.

Earlier, there were rumors about the release of AirPods Lite – a lightweight version of the AirPods Pro in the form of in-ear, i.e., without ear cushions and various bells and whistles, such as transparency or noise reduction. Most likely, it will be the third generation of AirPods.

And thanks to the lack of bells and whistles, the battery life of these headphones should increase.

If you want to see what AirPods 3 look like, remove the ear pads from your AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro 2 (Spring)

There are practically no rumors about the second generation AirPods Pro. We only know that Apple is going to change the design of the case. Perhaps the headphones will lose their legs and get a more rounded shape and become more like the Galaxy Buds Pro.

AirPods Pro 2

Where the management will go is a big question. On the one hand, you can make a sensor like in the Galaxy Buds Pro, but we will wait for something new from Apple.

iMac on Apple Silicon (summer)

Apple has been releasing its all-in-one design since 2012. If not for the frames around the display, then in 2021, they would look modern.

The next-generation iMac will be redesigned. Finally, Apple will remove the “chin” and make uniform thinner bezels around the matrix.

Most likely, the display design will resemble that in Apple Pro Display XDR… In general, a lot of the same is expected: the thickness of the case will increase at the edges, the leg will not remain bent but will be as strict as in the XDR.

Pro Display XDR
Pro Display XDR

A new generation processor based on the Apple Silicon platform will be installed. The company is already testing its own 16- and 32-core chips. An increase in the display diagonal from 21.5 ″ to 24 ″ is quite possible.

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Mac Pro 2021 (Summer)

Two versions of the Mac Pro are expected – Intel and M1. The first version of an Intel processor will be a logical update to the 2019 model with the same chassis design.

Mac Pro 2019
Mac Pro 2019

And the second version of Apple chips will become 50% more compact. The novelty design will remain in the “grater” style, but in terms of dimensions, it will be more reminiscent of the Power Mac G4Q, which debuted in 2000.

Power Mac G4Q
Power Mac G4Q

And if the price for the model with the Apple Silicon processor is lower, it will be a much more interesting offer.

AirPods Max Sport Earphone (Summer)

Many Apple aficionados are expecting a simplified version of the AirPods Max full-size wireless earbuds. According to rumors, the new model will lose premium materials (plastic and a little aluminum will be used). The design will become lighter, it will be possible to play sports in the headphones, and simplified ear cushions will appear.

AirPods Max Sport
Indicative design

The AirPods Max Sport will be slashed to $ 350, and new colorways will be introduced. And this is the right move for the company. After all, the price tag for AirPods Max is huge by the standards of the market.

iPhone 12s (autumn)

Apple will update its entire line of four smartphones, but there will be two major innovations:

  • a fingerprint sensor will appear, which will be hidden under the screen;
  • an LTPO matrix with a screen refresh rate of up to 120 Hz will appear (only for the Proline). The LTPO matrix is ​​also used in the Apple Watch. Very energy efficient.

It is not worth waiting for the update of the cameras until 2022 in terms of the “iron component.” In 2021, we will see only software improvements, as was done in iPhone SE 2020… The sensor was used from the iPhone 8, but thanks to the algorithms tied to the Apple A13 chip, photos in the daytime were identical to those on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

A new version of the LiDAR scanner is expected, mainly used for augmented reality and in part for obtaining faster focus in low light conditions.

Apple Watch 7 (fall)

Little changes are expected in the Apple Watch. We expect a redesigned design with more angular edges, and the bezels around the die may become thinner.

Apple Watch 7 design

A fingerprint sensor can be integrated into the wheel to recognize your finger.

We expect an improvement in medical functions: a blood pressure monitor will appear.

MacBook Pro 14 & 16-inch (Fall)

MacBooks will receive a new processor. Not M1, but a more productive solution with up to 14 cores + 4 energy-efficient cores.

Apple is developing a separate graphics chip with 16/32 cores. The only question is, which car will this chip appear first – in the iMac Pro, Mac Pro, or MacBook Pro?

Probably, the MacBook Pro is waiting for a redesign. The model will receive more angular sides, as in the iPad Pro. The company will bring all the “bugs” to one type.

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MacBook Pro 16-inch
Sample design

And the MacBook Pro may lose the touch bar in the future. Thus, it will be possible to save space inside the case of a new laptop for more productive hardware.

The thickness of the case may slightly increase, and we are also waiting for the return of the old interfaces: HDMI and CardReader.

Apple TV (fall)

The new generation of Apple TV will not change in appearance. Perhaps Apple will revise its concept and focus on the gaming component and tie the whole thing to Apple Arcade subscription services.

In support of this theory, there are rumors that Apple is developing its own controller for the Apple TV. You will also need a “fresh” processor (Apple A12X or A14 Bionic). The built-in memory will be 64 or 128 GB.

Apple TV gamepad

The complete remote control will receive a U1 chip.

Apple Glass (Fall?)

The release of Apple’s augmented reality glasses is still in question. Mechanically, the first version of such glasses will resemble Apple Watch 1, tk. Most of the information will be processed on the iPhone.

Apple Glass

There are rumors that the glasses may darken the lenses to make the interface more readable in the sun.

The glasses will have an integrated LiDAR scanner, which is still being “rolled” on the iPhone and iPad to scan the surrounding space.

The estimated price is $ 500.

iPhone SE Plus (iPhone SE 3)

There are rumors about the release of the third generation iPhone SE this fall, but many are very skeptical about them since the iPhone SE 2 was released only 3 years after the first generation.

Externally, the iPhone SE 3 will be similar to the iPhone XR but without FaceID. Instead, a fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the power button, as implemented in iPad Air 4…

It will be a smartphone without “bangs,” with uniform frames around the 6.1-inch IPS matrix. The novelty is expected with an A14 or A13 processor in three colors (silver, black, red). Price $ 500.

The main camera is 12 megapixel, the front camera is 7 megapixel FaceTime.

Apple Monitor (2022 or later)

Apple is developing a low-cost external monitor to replace the retired Thunderbolt Display. Instead, the company has long been offering a line of LG UltraFine monitors.

LG Ultra Fine

There is almost no information on the network on this monitor. The company has just begun to develop it. We are waiting for the release no earlier than 2022.

And most likely, this monitor will not get the impressive specs of the Apple Pro Display XDR. Those. There will be no such contrast level due to local dimming zones and high brightness levels at 1600 nits peak.

What devices are you going to buy in 2021? Share in the comments.

Based on materials from Apple, Samsung, ProTech, MacRumors, Technizo Concept channels

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