One of the most divisive design decisions Apple has made recently is the notch of the Macbook pro . Apple has come up with a workaround for apps that don’t work well with the notch, but it’s far from an ideal solution.

A Twitter user named Jatodaro demonstrated the function and quickly explained how to use it. Basically, when an app doesn’t perform well with the notch because a developer hasn’t updated it yet, you can go to an app’s Get Info window and click ‘Scale to fit under built-in camera’.

Once the option is checked, the screen will shrink and look more like an older MacBook with a wider bezel. While not necessarily a pretty solution, it is better than having hidden icons behind the notch, as recently reported .

Interestingly, the screen will remain reduced until you close the app, so even if it is minimized, you will still see the old-fashioned bezel.

Scale to adjust the notch

Apple also said that the option to scale to fit under the camera would disappear if a developer updates their app to avoid the notch. “Applications can be updated to work better with this area of ​​the screen. If a developer updates their app to be compatible with your Mac, the ‘Scale to fit under built-in camera’ setting no longer appears. You can contact the application developer to find out if an update is available or planned ”, points to a Apple support document .

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Good to see that Apple has a temporary fix. While not the prettiest solution, it at least makes everything work properly until developers can fix their apps.

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